‘This isn’t over’: Andy McCarthy warns House could continue impeachment hearings

100 thoughts on “‘This isn’t over’: Andy McCarthy warns House could continue impeachment hearings

  1. Bombshell bombshell,
    Absolutely nothing that the Democrats do works, oh wait a minute sometimes that works for them.
    I'm sure they'll go back to their case and begin fixing it.
    The case will be ready again in 30 years.
    At the State of the Union address, President Trump needs to look right at them,
    And tell them that the American people deserve winners in their government.
    Please step down from your positions and leave the government. If you want to win it anyting, please sign up for the biggest losers game show. I understand they take campaign money, bribes. Then you'll all be natural-born winners.
    Thank you for making our President Trump a two-term winner.
    You have five years to come up with a new set of losers.
    TRUMP 2020

  2. Democrats are far from done trying to destroying America. They have been trying to do it for twenty years now it's all they know.

  3. Dems be out here crying about their hurt feelings and spending millions of our tax paying dollars to try to get rid of the president who exposed them while trump is caring and still doing his job throughout this chaos. God bless president trump

  4. There's just so many first's and new things going on under the Sun these days it's hard to believe if your a Masonic Lodge member… I'll tell ya!

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL


  6. Stephen King and Adam Schiff have three things in common.
    1.) They're are both storyteller's.
    2.) They are both Democrats
    3.) They both hate the Republican Party and President Trump.
    Neither of them can handle the facts. And Neither of them can be trusted on their word of mouth.
    There is a thing called Double Jeopardy and that is what the Democrats are advocating and it's unconstitutional.

  7. These criminal crimes corrupted traitors need to prosecute: Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer!! Democ?Rats, they break the law, abuse the law, these traitors got pay from American taxpayer, but they always against our American President & 63 Millions voters had votes for  President Trump!!  President Trump is the one always for American & America first. ????????Trump he is our voice & he is our American Patriots. ????????

  8. It amazes me how they keep referring to Biden as Trumps opponent that he was going after, when Biden was only a potential opponent from the long list of Dems on that stage. What Biden was to Trump was a highly potential criminal against the United States with excessive evidence regarding the history of Hunter. The Dems have shown once again they will fight to the end to protect their treasonous corruption as seen in their past, even to the point of their open treason against this country.

  9. anything for $ and power. They try this again and they could be the ones behind bars, tampering with a sitting govt. using falsified intel.

  10. They honestly probably like doing this just so they don’t have to do their actual jobs. What have they done to help the American people?

  11. I've got all my feelings all my thoughts all my emotions All My Rights and Wrongs down to just a few words. The dams and left
    And the Socialist I have just this to say they all [Can't Understand Normal Thinking! ]Yes this can apply to whatever person that doesn't see the wrongness of the whole process that has taken place,

    beginning before the swearing-in of President Trump. How can you start impeachment before you even have a single piece of evidence ,

    he hasn't even started the job yet for you to find fault.[CAN'T UNDERSTAND NORMAL THINKING ] do you see!

  12. In my humble opinion, here is the strategy of this impeachment. You see, Trump is almost equally threatening to the Republicans as he is the Democrats. He is abolishing the status quo, acting solely in the best interest of the promises he made to get elected. This scares ALL politicians in Washington. Pelosi and the House Democrats figured if they were able to get any articles of impeachment to the Senate, Republicans in the Senate would seize the opportunity to get rid of Trump and vote to do so. What they keep forgetting is…..no politician possesses ANY power. The power is loaned to them by the American people. We The People have all of the power. The support for Trump is so swollen, it would be political suicide for Republicans to vote in favor of removal for such a sham. Republicans understand where their power comes from, Democrats never have. Democrats cannot see past the walls of their own party, and see their power as a concession by the American people that we cannot think for ourselves, and need them to think for us. They are about to get a rude awakening, both now and in November.

  13. It is a lock, their is no reason for them to stop, their is no ramification or consequences to not stopping, nor does it matter how frivolous the accusations are. Ridiculous waste of the taxpayers money,

  14. If the Democrats keep pushing this BS and not doing their jobs. The American people have to do something too push them Not to receive a paycheck until they return to work. Better yet just shut down the House.

  15. The irony of House Democrats preemptively interfering in the 2020 election… in order to "stop" Trump from "interfering" in the election by remaining a candidate.

  16. It’s about the country not a particular party . It’s about laws not braking law. It’s about keeping constitution, there is no amendment in constitution that says the president is above any party and et hep from another country for you to get re elected aven if it means putting your country in danger

  17. The U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment contains a Double Jeopardy Clause, which says that no person shall "be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb."

  18. Time to get the articles of impeachment ready for Biden. We'll worry later about the crime or lack thereof and witnesses that weren't actually eye-witnesses, just hate Biden. Hmmm…yeah…we'll do it just like the Democrats did.

  19. Vote them out , these Seditious elected officials are Treasonous , The question should be "How long will the Legal American Citizen " allow this to continue ? when will Legal American Citizens do something about this and not continue to sit on their hands and be apathetic , Our Elected President deserves better than this , we as Legal American Citizens should have his back !

  20. Preventing witnesses was a blunder. If they were heard then it would be over. Now we have to listen to this go on and on. The number of doubters will only grow. Does the republican senate secret want Donald to lose reelection? I am beginning to wonder.

  21. It's easy to spend like no tomorrow when it's not your money, it's the "government's" money, and no one is apparently accountable for how it is wasted. Nor does there seem to be any accountability over whether the House is doing anything other than working on impeachment for the past three plus years. Are the next five going to be wasted too?

  22. Please for the love of god let it continue!!!!! I enjoy watching leftist turds roast in the flames. This whole impeachment charade was HILARIOUS.

  23. What is the democratic politicians beef on this president everything that a president should be judged for he has surpassed expectations yet these individuals for some mysterious reason seeks to remove this president not because they don't like AM or an election is because we do have the Trojan-horse in government to overthrow our country for other interests overseas and abroad

  24. Why do these experts keep adding credibility to the sleeze bag garbage Dem morons. They keep analyzing stupid, at the end its f ing stupid.

  25. Was any aid held back to Ukraine. No there was not. Lets move on. Oh and lets investigate Biden. If there is no wrong doing then we move on. But a lot of washington seams to fear a investigation into this matter. Makes me wonder why. If Trump did tell someone that he should with hold aid for help with a investigation that is certainly not a crime. And if they think saying something is a crime then we are all criminals. Its all about action not words.

  26. The reason Democrat can get away with more lying and impeaching is cuz : Democrat voters like lies.. They believe in it..

  27. i agree. the goal all along was to try to tarnish/bruise the president to make him less reelect-able & to take the focus off of the corrupt lifer democrats themselves. i say investigate biden, the president was on to something…

  28. I hope the House continues. What's 9 more months after 4 years (since before POTUS was in office)?? Some people may have forgotten after 9 months of no impeachment attempts.

  29. I hope they don't stop and continue because the only thing they have accomplished so far is increase support for Trump!

  30. Next week, the Dems will have a press conference and say “This time we have the smoking gun” and start this nonsense all over again. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real folks.

  31. Now we are going to have a hostage exchange. Joe Biden for no further impeachment effort. No…Bidens get no free ticket.

  32. Shiff, Nadler, Pelosi, so far Shoplifting, Stealing a gun, Illegal immigration, Defecating in public and now Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress are all misdemeanors and in California and are unenforceable.

  33. 2016…DNC leaders…rigged primaries by putting their focus on HRC so she would the candidate..actively worked against Sanders (who would have beaten Trump). DNC types worked hand in glove with CNN, NY Times and Washington Post..NBC's Matt Lauer as debate moderator and more . Not a peep about John Podesta and his "Russian interference" emails..I just want to know if they were real..if they are then we truly see why the DEMs have gone hard left rudder on impeachment..corruption, lies, broken laws and disregard for the electorate's wishes. Joe Dunham will need a semi to bring all of charges to court.

  34. Decertify the DNC..jail for criminals, rest of leadership must resign. Those people are lifetime banned from Federal positions.

  35. the Dems and liberals have a mental disorder. They push for Communism knowing it will enrich only themselves…….. maybe they are not mentally deranges just power hungry.

  36. The reason this impeachment is a sham is mainly…President Trump didnt need to do ANYTHING to improve his chances to win because he has ALWAYS been the only clear choice for President and the democrats know that and thats why they are trying to get rid of him any way possible. They know they dont stand a chance running against him. They were talking of impeaching him since before he even got in office. It does not take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see this clearly.

  37. Like Al Capon, they'll have to get him on tax fraud, of which he's the king of doing, aside from being this country's first king since 1776.

  38. Ed Henry—-Fox's new Shephard Smith—without any interviewing skills and even less objectivity for his liberal perspective on everything.

  39. The democrats represent everything that is wrong with American politics…..they are even insisting on promoting their own incompetence….what a sad group of morons…

  40. I hate when lawyers give legally possibly but realistically ridiculous takes like this. They’re not going to “keep investigating” even after acquittal. Period. And who’s to say they would even get the chance to interview Bolton anyway? The judge could rule against them making his lack of testimony moot.

  41. We Love Our ??President Trump?? & are ready for Him to Serve Us 4 more Years but w/o all The Democrats in The House/Senate so that He can actually get done all The Things He trying to do for Americans & America.

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