100 thoughts on “Three presidents speak out in one hour. Hear what they said.

  1. Who the hell cares. Cunning didnt like trump amd and trump didnt like him. I would rather not watch are strong president pretend to care for some dumb ass that died.

    Edited: Before some ass hole says im just dumb or im an ass Republican, i want to pint out that all of you that are mad at trump wouldn't care rats ass if trump died.

  2. I like to gather them after they've turned black, let them dry if moist from the ground and then run them through an antique hand crank corn sheller. Works well and no stained hands.

  3. I doubt Trump was welcomed at the service – that you’re comparing the sets of speeches is what’s really sad…

  4. No, hes speaking for 70 million or more of fed up Americans, it would be best if you co conspirators remember that. Inditemets are coming.

  5. This is not a comparison of the same type of conversations. I have watched more news in this presidency than any other. I can clearly see that CNNdoesnt support President Trump. And I am not claiming that I have any thing but an average education, but I never see any support of President Trump from CNN. And Yes I do see the Fox news totally at the other end of the spectrum. My question I propose to you CNN do you all sleep well at night and where will you all be the dust settles from this feud? I honestly don't like the way you present our President. In these incidents you have twisted the facts in very false comparison.

  6. I want to know what he did with the billions Washington DC gave him? Who did he really help while in office, the people in his district or himself? CNN is fake news. President Trump did speak about the passing of Mr. Cummings and it was a good word for him.
    Obama is not honorable, now are back then. Mr. Cummings may have been honorable before he was elected but soon became tide up in the corruption that plaques our government! CNN, this clip shows how evil you are by playing these sound bites out of context! That is why your ratings are falling fast because you CNN hate America!

  7. I wonder how many Trump supporters are low-key embarrassed? You would have to not have a pulse to not be embarrased by this man. I cannot imagine how his wife really feels. She probably has divorce papers waiting for as soon as he leaves office to sign on his way out the door 💯🤣 although I don't know how she would recover from this relationship wise wow

  8. Don. Please your mouth does not deserve the word fair to come out of it. Just put a soak in it. The more you speak the more.peoeple.want to puke. The three are speaking about different topics how do you even compare the different topics. Behaving like a 2 year old Don. That's pathetic

  9. Clinton speaks about one America, but the dems want to do away with borders and dilute America with illegal immigrants? Bill Clinton also mentions the dream some people with a guilt complex have that the "haves" must share with the "havenots". That's all very good, but you can give, give and give to some people, and they turn into "gimmies" who never learn to take responsibility for themselves because it's easier to rely on someone else's efforts. An example would be all the university students wanting free education, with their bills being paid by someone else. That is not teaching self-respect and responsibility. If the dems are so keen to carry the financial burdens of others, will the biden's, joe and hunter, the clintons, the obama's, pelosis etc be willing to lead the way? I don't think they have any intention of parting with even 1 cent to help someone in need. Oh, and by the way, stop knocking the President of the United States. Your incessant neeeoouuwling, is so old and stale, it has mould growing all over it.

  10. NO! It was only a "perfect conversation" in your warped mind… You tried fucking the President of the Ukraine over… Perfect? From YOUR SIDE… Not his! Also… This is NOT a WITCH HUNT! You broke the law and tried intimidating a President of another country, in order to get what you wanted… To me, that is a CRIME and you deserve to be impeached – and should have been impeached long, long ago!

  11. I don't think Obama knew Mr Cummings…but Obama has a golden tounge. Don Lemon is a puppet. CNN is fair to play on emotions of black folk. Slavery is still happening…slavery of the mind.

  12. Mr. Lemon if you were a car, you'd be a lemon. Clinton should just keep quiet, Obama can't even finish a sentence without stumbling.

  13. Hopefully,Trump is a Malachi 3:6-12 NVJV Tithes man. God will rebuke the devourer for Trumps sake. Jesus Christ the same yesterday,today and forever.(That's for you non-tithes planters).❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. I thought I was watching a video about 3 Presidents discussing the same topic. Why would you slap Trump’s video on at the end in a blatant effort to be biased? If he was actually being interviewed about the same thing the other Presidents were, this video would have substance.


  16. There was nothing wrong with Trump wanting to find out if Biden had taken advantage of his position. Finding out what the other two did during their terms, it's still coming out. You take comments from funerals and compare them to a comment made at Criminal Justice event. That's how far youd go to slight the President. It's a shoddy story and the whole country saw the film of his district. Isnt their still money missing that's never been explained? Leave it to Don Lemon to try and race bait again in America! We are getting used to his shoddy kind of slanted stories!

  17. come on CNN get smarter that man ruin his state festive with rats drugs crime killings yes he became rich what a high price to pay is legacies in the bottom of the ground listen to the Latino voice to we're not stupid we see will never forget what Obama did to us lied lied and lied we'll get our Vengeance for that Trump 2020

  18. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION????? WHY DID YOU FORGET ABOUT IT??? IT WAS FAKE JUST LIKE THIS INQUIRY!!!! your brains are not working, go do more corn syrup……

  19. People who only know Elijah Cummings as a Representative from MD. I say to you, go visit his district and see what he hasn’t done for his constituents in the poorest parts of his districts. He didn’t need to do anything for the rich suburbs of DC. You would think he would work on how to change the rat infested and garbage ridden neighborhoods where more crime exists. Whenever he’s on TV at home the background is always in the rich part of his district. It took Trump to show you the other side of his district.

  20. Can l get help with my Lotto of the lottery of Saturday is better for me if someone of the news can call me 2107991601

  21. When is the news media going to cut Trump off at the pass! We are tired of his same old rhetoric! Can someone ask him what he is doing about the country's infrastructure, or about Aocial Security Benefits + Medicare issues? How about that, we know that he is working with the Russians to undermine this country's democracy!

  22. Cnn apologizes to 39 victims in Vietnam, and human life cannot be used as a political chip to discredit China.😡😡😡😡

  23. Why are the background settings different for B.Obama and W. Clinton compared to the background setting for D. Trump?
    Two different speaking engagements. Didn't President D. Trump give his condolences?🤔😶😒

  24. Trump did nothing. This is a witch hunt. Your all a bunch of liars and criminals. Trump derangement syndrome strikes again.

  25. Man demorats are stupid. I mean really. They ruin every city they control. They destroy everything they touch. They believe fake news then project their behavior onto our awesome president. Trump 2020 bitches!

  26. Well guess what was in the Baghdadi compound, boxes of documents , laptops, and cash and guess what else? Cables sent from our own State Dept to Baghdadi during 2010-2011. Obama created ISIS and the men in Benghazi had to be left to die because they new something wasn't right! Seven Hundred shoulder fired missiles were taken from there to ISIS. Don't worry because the Patriots, the Q team and the former NSA has known this all along!. Now go ahead and watch your Don Lemon and go back to sleep in the Matrix! Yes, Obama was very " presidential" ! I'll give him that! 🙂

  27. Bill clit-on is no president, Obama the puppet bullshitter and achiever of nothing in 8 years of utter bullshit just made health care more expensive….

  28. WTF!! Who is these everybodies he’s talking to , when he says everybody is saying what ever who are all these people ?
    Trump is not living in our world! His brain is kapoot

  29. Funny how both Obama and Trump are treated like Chist.
    Obama perfect and 'righteous' while Trump persecuted.
    The truth is God made us all in His image. None is greater or better than the other!
    At least Don, be honest! And while you are at it, get over yourself!

  30. Obama kill kaddafi
    Clinton kill the future of congolaise 🇨🇩
    I love President Trump he is not hypocrite 👍

  31. No doubt trump is the muppet, but at least he didn't make the bastardised comment he made about Aretha Franklin "she worked for me"

  32. Let's be for real, no President has been 100% honest and understand he is the head of state that answers to more than just the people. Obama, nation equal, Clinton, nation united, Bush' nation crisis and Trump nation seperated the United. Any more ?'s. It is what it is!

  33. You are probably the worst news person your talking about one thing and then only focus on what you think people should hear President Trump in a negative way because President Trump did honored Cummings and you’re just bashing the current President and boasting 2 past irrelevant President’s

  34. CNN is truly predatory and corrupt! Obamas, Clintons, Bushs, the neocons, and the deep state all must be locked away for the genocide and the pillaging committed in the middle east!

  35. How did they go from Barack Obama, to DT in the White House. It’s like leaving the back door on the latch and someone sneaked in. And getting them to leave is pretty difficult, because squatters have rights…

  36. This is more tripe by an intellectually challenged commentator. Thank God President Trump came along or we would be even deeper in trouble. If your nightmare is Donald Trump, you need to question your integrity, honesty, and believability. You don't seem to notice those around you who show these traits. You just keep getting "stupider and stupider". Why is it dems like to talk about integrity but show none, like this clown? How intolerant is it to hate your own legally elected president. I notice those who hate this innocent show a level of unreasonable and ugly disdain for the people they claim to represent. I don't know about dems but i want someone at the helm who can identify with me and millions of others who got so discouraged and frustrated with the way this country was being mishandled through corruption and greed. Thank You Jesus for delivering us from the evil hand of the democrats.

  37. What a difference in charecters… I wish this stupid trade "war" would end because that's gotta be the only reason he has support still is because we typically don't switch up presidents during any kind of war usually. But I'm sure a lot of people that think that way want to start looking at other candidates now. And Heaven knows Americans just want some peace and quiet and he able to find solutions for more pertinent things again like world hunger, poverty, peace, and respect.

  38. The problem is not about Trumps impeachment, it is what if he is impeached. PENCE!!!!!!!!!????????
    Are you people aware of the damage done to America?

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