Tiffany Haddish Will Host the Golden Globes Under One Condition | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Going to you.
-Ryan, look who I´m with. Tiffany Haddish is joining me! -Hey! -I´ve been waiting for this moment, Tiffany. Where do I begin? First, I´m gonna start with I love you. -Thank you. I love you.
-You make me laugh. I just — I appreciate you so much. -You inspire me, keep me fashion-forward. I´ve been watching you for years, and, girl, I feel like I
know you. -Well, we do know each other. Let´s be best friends. Tiffany, who are you wearing this night, speaking of
fashion? -I am wearing Galia Lahav. L-A-V– No, L-A-H-V– No, L-A-H-A-V. That´s how you spell her last name. First name Galia. I might be messing up the last name. I´m not perfect with names. -It´s so pretty on you. -Thank you. -Okay. Okay. Here we go. “Like a Boss.” -Yes. -Opening Friday. -Yes.
-I have to see this. -You need to see that.
-I can´t go quickly enough. Tell me everything about it. -Okay, so, it´s starring me.
-Yes. -Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek.
-Salma Hayek, yes. -Billy Porter´s in it. It´s very funny. It´s about two best friends with they own business. And then somebody tries to infiltrate the business. They break up, but then they come back together, and they
succeed, like women should, stick together. -That´s right, “Like a Boss.”
-Yes. -And it´s about the beauty industry, right? -Yes, it is about the beauty industry, about makeup,
darling. -Makeup. So you guys have a makeup line? Is that what it is? -Yes, yes, we have a makeup line called Mia & Mel. Mm-hmm. -This is so up my alley. Now, we love seeing you host. You hosted the MTV Movie Awards. -Yes, yes, that was very fun, one of the highest-rated award
shows. -Yes! Let´s clap for that. Would you ever host the Globes, maybe the Oscars? -Yes, I would love to, but I wouldn´t want that
responsibility all on myself unless I was paid a substantial amount of money. If they want to pay me the normal rate, then I want a
partner to do it with. -So you would like to do it with someone. -Yes, I want to do it with somebody. -Okay. [ Laughs ] -However you want to take that statement, take it that way. -Tiffany, I love you. Have the best time tonight.
-Thank you. Mwah. -I can´t wait to see your movie. “Like a Boss,” and she is a boss. Thank you, thank you. Ryan, over to you.

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  1. lmao She does tells it like it is, no filter. I wouldn't want that responsibility to host the Oscars if I'm paid my regular rate.

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