100 thoughts on “Today In Unfortunate News Out Of Alabama

  1. Well what child be expected for a state that thinks NASCAR is major cultural event and worship with snakes. Most backward state in the Union (although they would prefer to be in the Confederacy.)

  2. Alabama, just get with the century already. Gay people can marry, black people can vote run for office and become billionaires, women can work and be independent, men can be stay at home dads, and kids and teenagers can protest and speak their minds. GET OVER IT!

  3. Alabama is like your stereotypical fucked up Conservative state where everyone is unvaccinated, shooting eachother left and right while they chug beer into their messed up and twisted faces that are results of generation upon generation of incest and lack of abortion, afterwhich they grab their wives and children and beat them to the rhythm of country music! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, CONSERVATISM!

  4. I don't know man, I'm gonna have to agree with Alabama on this one. Leave kids out of this shit. They need to worry about being kids, playing baseball, having tea parties with their plush toys, etc. They will have plenty of time to worry about adult shit … well, when they're adults.

  5. maybe it was not an anti gay issue. maybe they banned it because the newly wed were of 2 different "kinds"
    oh, well… is the problem worse, or way worse then?

  6. Eh, I bet the APT just refused to air the episode because it wasn't about an underaged girl having gotten pregnant following her rape at the hands of her uncle/father/grandpa, Judge Roy Moose, and the girl subsequentially being forced by society to carry the pregnancy to term, all while being reprimanded by Arthur that she should've kept her legs shut if she didn't want to get pregnant.

  7. What's so bad not to promote sexuality on a kids show, that not even the kids that watch, care about the show

  8. I worked on that episode, and we knew it might cause some controversy in the US. Still, I'm proud of the impact it had!

  9. Keep that stuff in commiefornia…check out rocket city . Huntsville. more engineers that any where in the country,

  10. Alabama is for stone age idiots who believe that the goat herders guide to the galaxy is a life manual

  11. I have a feeling Alabama's ideals are to make sure all their white people have a lot of babies in order to "drive them out" by over-populating, and making sure "whites" are always the majority. And yeah, taking away women's rights is all part of their plan too. Only reason I think this way is because I literally know a family that has these kind of ideals, and they have over a dozen children.

  12. This is why I've never set foot in Alabama, inbred, hill Billy heathen bastards that want to dictate ever aspect of their populations lives. Dictatorship much?!

  13. lol, the funny thing is, there's a gay test for that. If you don't want 2 girls marrying each other then you're gay because what kind of guy doesn't like seeing 2 girls go at it in bed? Like seriously. I for one have fantasized millions of times where 2 girls are sucking my d. If you don't think that's hot, you're pretty gay. No wonder why some people disapprove of the same gender getting married. It's because they're (the disapprover) secretly gay.

  14. "The roommate that cant come to thanksgiving until after grandma dies" boi that hit too close to home for comfort

  15. The only thing that surprised me about this in the slightest is that Arthur is apparently still running

  16. Look I love you guys but Mr. Baptist the piano player keeps missing his q on all Stephens hand gestures. The magic is lost without it.

  17. That "joke" insults the Alabama people and is not even that funny to be honest once you take off your glasses. Demand more.

  18. I don’t want my kids being desensitized to this stuff, fuck who you want but don’t get mad when someone calls you a weirdo

  19. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Alabama residents realize this. Good for them. It's about time decent people started fighting back against the agenda of gay special citizen rights.

  20. Oh, and liberal idiots? Only you think the fact challenged meme if incest in the south funny. It's like when you called people who voted in ways you dislike "poorly informed voters."

  21. There was an old saying that I loved/hated because it was so true… "Every day I think people can't get any worse. Every day I'm proven horribly wrong."

    Lately, I've been thinking about replacing the word "people" with the world "Alabama".

  22. They let Downton Abbey (you know the one with the gay footman and the death during sex) air on APT but not a wholesome kids show that I watched on YouTube just now :/

  23. I didn't even know Arthur was still running
    I assume that like most animated shows now the animation is crap?

  24. WTH is going on with Alabama? I know they’ve always been a bit off, to say the least, but between this and their new abortion laws they’ve really lost their minds.

  25. If it had been male and female inter-species sex that would be ok, but because they're the same gender that's a no-no. Gotta love it. What about 1st amendment rights? Doesn't that violate?

  26. So it's okay for everyone to marry their cousins in Alabama but two men can't? God, the south sucks.

  27. I'm certain Arthur wouldn't have gotten THAT big of an applause had they not aired an episode about a gay wedding.

  28. It's Alabama (where jeff sessions is from) and they just put harsh laws on abortion. I'm not suprised.

  29. As a muslim, I agree with Alabama. Stop corrupting our children with this politically correct garbage.

  30. Alabama has always been backwards and racist and homophobic! I discovered the classic western Have Gun Will Travel in one of my classes in film school and found out that one of those episodes featuring the great Odetta who was at the time a singer, civil rights activist who also happened to be black, was barred from airing on television in the state of Alabama! This episode aired in 1960( or thereabouts ). No progress in almost sixty years, Alabama?! Wow!

  31. Stupid 'booing' audience, how about booing the fact that a gay wedding is in a children's cartoon! Why the hell is it there AT ALL?!

  32. When Seth Andrews, host of "The Thinking Atheist" gave a talk in Alabama he had a great turnout but had a sense everyone was looking over their shoulder before they sneaked into a talk given by a GASP Secular Humanist! We're everywhere but are underground sometimes.

  33. I have never been to Alabama and kids can be kids at weddings gay weddings or not , what's worse, attending a wedding or a tornado that takes out a town?

  34. Wow lil boy loves watching Arthur, why the hell would the producers even go that route with a kids cartoon.

  35. I cant believe the studio audience falls for this guys stupidity, all he is doing is indoctrinating hate and ignorance.   should be shot for . treason.!! lol ! what a pendejo

  36. Why they gotta always run gays down our throat?? Fuck! And ain’t that stereotypical…. a pastry chef… come on! Sorta racist

  37. I'm okay with two guys getting married, but a rat and an aardvark? Does that make me Speciesist or something equally appalling?

  38. I can understand why some parents would object to a cartoon, that's directed toward 4 year olds, exposing their children to a still fairly controversial topic.
    I also support abortion but would probably object to Elmo performing one on air or Big Bird explaining the benefits of a condom over pulling out. Although, picturing it, it's pretty damn hilarious.

    As parents, it's on us to cover this stuff at times we deem appropriate. It shouldn't be up to the media, much less a kids cartoons, to tell us "It's time!"

  39. I'm in Alabama and it's either coercerced sterilization or an inceetous rape baby. I thought maybe one day I'd make it and start a family, but your born poor and die poor here. They never stop hurting you and I'd never want to put another child through the rape, sexual assaults, humiliation and shame I've been through anyway. Sometimes sterilization is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. I love me more then anyone else ever could or will anyway. And when you've been tortured that^_^ quite an accomplishment.

  40. Why do people say Alabama is incesteous? The reality is ROYAL FAMILIES ARE INCESTEOUS BUT SOMEHOW THAT'S ACCEPTED???? People are stupid! Why is it OK for gays to push their agenda down your kids throats but not Christians???? Am I missing something here? You Democrats and Liberals don't think much for yourself, do you? You let idiots like Colbert think for you! Well, after The Epstein mess and all the Hollywood Celebrities caught up in these Pedo Rings, ALL you people need to be concerned about "The Agenda". Why do little kids need to be sexualized in the first place???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAdxbeM2_cY https://qmap.pub/

  41. Unfortunately, I reside in Alabama. I don't fish, I don't like Alabama football, I'm a Democrat, I'm an artist, my friends include gays, people that don't look like me , oh, and I'm an Atheist. Good times. Nobody fucks with me though. They might not talk to me, but they leave me alone. Go figure.  -ROBIN MCCULLARS –

  42. Children that are too young to learn about weddings? You kidding me? Little girls always like their princes dreams of marrying a prince.
    I was expecting Steve to just say: "When two people love each other very much, they have a wedding and get married."

  43. I grew up reading Arthur books and playing the CD-Rom game "Arthur's Teacher Trouble" for as long as it was compatible on my PC.
    And I'm a Christian.
    So when I heard this news, I was more shocked about this long running kid's show changing the status quo in having someone get married, than the fact it was a gay marriage.
    I'm delighted Mr. Ratburn found love!
    And I'm disgusted Alabama keeps making all of us Christians look horrible by association.

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