Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Been Banned from Britain

Fame isn’t everything, especially at passport
control. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the
top 10 celebrities who have been banned from Britain!
For this list, we’re flagging up the famous figures who have been denied entry into Britain
at some point in their lives – including those who have since had their bans lifted. The American rapper was scheduled to headline
a RockCorps benefit gig at the Royal Albert Hall in 2008, but he almost didn’t make
it thanks to immigration officials at London City Airport. Rhymes was stopped at the gate
due to a series of unresolved convictions in the US. The hold-up was temporary though,
and after a few hours under an armed guard, Busta bust out of the predicament, with his
lawyers securing a legal injunction – and just in time to play
the show, too. A self-styled dating coach, Julien Blanc held
some serious influence back in 2014, leading seminars and events aiming to teach men how
to meet and seduce women. But his rising profile soon fell apart, with critics and campaigners
highlighting how his teachings objectified women, encouraged sexual harassment and promoted
rape culture. By the end of 2014, Swiss-born Blanc had been deported from Australia and
barred from entering Britain or Singapore – with various other nations promising to
turn him away, as well. An international footballer who has played
right back for Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham, Aurier has previously proven a controversial
character on the pitch. However, it was his off-pitch antics that prevented him from playing
for PSG against Arsenal in the Champions League in 2016. Aurier was appealing a two-month
prison sentence at the time of the fixture – handed to him for assaulting a police
officer in Paris. The case caused UK authorities to revoke a previous visa, making it impossible
for the player to travel at that time. While the UK has banned various people for
reasons akin to ‘inciting hatred’, few have a higher profile than US radio host and
best-selling writer, Michael Savage. A one-time friend of Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg,
Savage has touted criticism with controversial comments on everything from ISIS to the Catholic
Church, to Robin Williams’ suicide. Then-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith banned Savage from
Britain in 2009, a year after he had voiced contentious views on autism diagnosis. In
response, Savage branded Smith “a lunatic”. Having released his third studio album in
2015, Tyler, the Creator kick-started his biggest ever world tour at the Coachella Festival
in April. But the rapper was forced to skip scheduled dates in Britain – which had included
planned appearances at Reading and Leeds Festivals – as controversial lyrics led to a nationwide
ban. Theresa May was Home Secretary at the time, and she cited lyrics from Tyler’s
debut album “Bastard” as particular reason for the visa veto, with Tyler’s critics
claiming he glorified homophobia, misogyny and violence against women. Iron Mike isn’t the only boxer whose passport
won’t pass with British authorities – just ask former lightweight Joan Guzmán – but
Tyson’s easily the sport’s most famous name to have been denied entry. His book tour
was redirected to Paris in 2013 because tightened UK immigration rules blocked anyone who had
been sentenced to four or more years in prison from entering the country; Tyson served three
years of a six-year sentence for rape, beginning in 1992. A singer with a long history of legal troubles,
Brown’s most infamous crime came in February 2009 when he physically assaulted his then-girlfriend,
Rhianna. The domestic violence case caught global attention, not least because of the
perceived leniency of Brown’s sentence – which involved five years of probation, but no jail
time. Brown applied for a UK visa almost 18 months after the incident, hoping to take
his European tour to Britain. But the application was denied in light of him “being guilty
of a serious criminal offence.” Perhaps more than any other public figure
on today’s list, Edward Snowden became famous as a result of the reason why he’s not allowed
in the UK (or many other countries). Snowden was at the centre of an international scandal
in 2013, when the former CIA worker leaked classified documents, disclosing information
on various global surveillance programs – the UK’s included. Snowden was granted asylum
in Russia, but Home Office letters were reportedly sent to international airports, calling for
Snowden to be turned away from any Britain-bound flight. Martha Stewart’s career can be divided into
two distinct periods; before and after her 2004 five-month prison sentence for investment
fraud and obstruction of justice. The well-publicised trial and jail-term might’ve ended Stewart’s
career, but America’s head homemaker came back arguably stronger than ever. Martha’s
resurgence wasn’t enough to breach British borders, though. The UK border agency refused
her entry in June 2008 thanks to her criminal record, scuppering her plans to present at
the Royal Academy of Arts. We finish with a rapper who underwent a long-running
battle with the British border agency, after an airport fracas that occurred on UK soil,
at Heathrow in 2006. Snoop and his entourage were involved in a brawl with the police,
following an argument over entry into a first-class lounge. Ultimately, he was banned from re-entering
the country. But D O Double G was VIP once more, when he won a £100,000 legal battle
to remove the restriction in 2010. Snoop also shares an unlikely friendship with Martha
Stewart – so who knows what would happen if they ever showed up together!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Been Banned from Britain

  1. I have to agree with the autism statement. I have my doubts as to whether most people are really suffering from it.

  2. Wow, Britain loves to ban things. Especially speech and freedom of expression. Along with books and movies. Are you burning witches at the stake too?

  3. Any country who ban's people because of words. Is no country I want to support. It's a shame I live in the UK lel

  4. Martha Stewart gets time in prison for obstruction of justice and dirt bag Trump gets praise & defense by his supporters for his openly & repeated obstruction.

  5. If your White Christian with a mind of your own seems to be a good enough reason to be banned from the UK in 2018.

  6. "Sorry mate , but you can't come in here you'll have to go back, we can't have people like you running round London" …(How we deal with mouthy celebrities)

    "Alight mate, you gonna be staying long? Do you need me to carry those bags for you?"…(How we deal with terrorists & scummy foreigners with no respect for our way of life)

    Call us Great Britain! Although I think the Great is silent

  7. So a guy gets banned just for saying stuff about autism? Wouldn't it have been better to allow him to come and then challenge him on his views? It wasn't as if he was going to go around demanding their deaths or anything like that. Same with the rest of them.

  8. technically Britain can ban people from all dominions and territories, that’s Australia, Canada, most of Southern Africa, Caribbean and Hong Kong lol so its best not to piss the brits off they can end you

  9. Chris Brown banned from the UK but has had number one albums and a few top 10 singles after the incident in the UK

  10. Lil tay
    Danielle broccoli
    Woah vicky
    Lil pump
    Trippie red

    They should all be banned from britain! Lol

  11. Banned from britain ? But they wont ban the terrorists who want to come back to uk after fighting for isis in syria ??‍♂️??

  12. The British are really sensitive.
    Oops probably shouldn't have commented that don't want to get ban.

  13. Welcoming radicalised Islamists back from the war in Syria, but denying the same privilege to certain celebrities because they 'said something nasty on twitter'. Apparently our safety is less important than someone's feelings. Fantastic.

  14. Why is Busta Rhymes on here? You said it yourself he wasn’t banned, just stopped and questioned for a couple of hours.

  15. If the UK ban Chris Brown from entering the UK why not ban Cheryl Cole from coming into America after she has got a criminal conviction in 2003 for attacking a woman in a nightclub in Guildford

  16. Bet most of them are able to come in through private airports, for every one, they ban a black man, just so you know. Whilst they had allowed some vile people in.

  17. To all pretend they are into "freedom of speech" and dis the UK, We have the best law to protect all kinds. They are banned for a reason and I'm so with it.

  18. So Busta Rhymes wasn't so much Banned as much as Detained for a short time.
    Snowden is a case of no good deed goes unpunished.

  19. So if busta rhymes is banned is Halloween resurrection banned too? Hopefully yes. Does anyone notice that the most celebrities that are banned on this list are black? Nothing racist just pointing it out.

  20. 1:56 I'dve banned him purely for doing that. In fact I'd deport anyone who wastes precious oxygen like that. "Look at me yo I'm gangsta yo I'm cool yo.."  No you're a prick actually. Door's that way. Get out…

  21. If America banned people for spreading hate, we'd have to remove our President and his entire cabinet. (big sigh) If only…

  22. An article today cites Tyler the Creator's first show today in London was cancelled by the venue operators due to a rowdy crowd, of which a large number were also climbing the gates. Surprised at the rapper ban due to lyrics alone – it's likely as a result of public pressure and an online culture of offence, if truly on the basis of hurtful lyrics likely to incite hate or violence. I won't say media pressure as I've never heard of him. Can't lyrics be taken from a third person standpoint? In Australia, a feminist group launched a petition calling for him to be denied a visa to enter the country in 2015. There was a similar petition in 2013. He must have been allowed back into the UK this year or last

  23. Like they give a fuck they are all millionaires
    Why give a shit to come in uk lol to see the rain ? ☔️ the most stupid lows are in this country I swear

  24. england should be banning terrorists from the country instead of celebs i mean honestly, the logic of the government is just a complete head fuck

  25. Who wants to go to Londonistan though,Lmfaoo ?? It's an honour to be banned from the U.K. cuz u aren't gonna be stabbed,robbed or have acid thrown in ur face,Lol.

  26. Top 10 celebrities puppets never appearance in spitting image uk
    10 Michael Landon puppet
    9 Leslie Nielsen puppet
    8 Bob Newhart puppet
    7 Tony Randall puppet
    6 James Garner puppet
    5 Lee Majors puppet
    4 Farrah Fawcett puppet
    3 bea Arthur puppet
    2 Betty white puppet
    1 Audrey Hepburn puppet

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