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English CC by Charles Baluyot Rebecca: Not cool dude, not cool. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks, for the “Top 10 Racist Celebrity Moments”. For this list, we’re taking a look at famous people that were
caught saying or doing something ignorant or hateful, regarding
a racial group, ethnicity, or culture. Keep in mind, that the following
list contains explicit language, so proceed with caution. In 2011, rapper Chris Brown started a relationship
with actress, model Karrueche Tran, this news didn’t sit well with his
ex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna. Riri instigated a social media war in 2012, when she tweeted an Instagram picture of a bag of
rice cakes wearing sunglasses and golden hoop earrings. This artistic statement was taken
by the internet as a shot at Tran, who is a Vietnamese and Jamaican descent, Rihanna’s insensitive
post came complete with the caption, “I’ma make u my bitch”, a lyric from her song
“Birthday Cake”. It may also be worth noting that Rihanna
claims the she’s quote, “sweeter than a rice cake” in the “Birthday Cake (Remix)”. Considering that Chris Brown pled guilty
to assaulting Rihanna in 2009. Is this guy really worth fighting over? Justin Bieber might live by the phrase
“Never Say Never”, but it’s his use of another n-word, that raised the ire of many. Then just 15, the Canadian singer made an
offensive joke on camera asking: Justin: “Why are black people are afraid of chainsaws?” Person in background: “Don’t answer it. Don’t say it.” Justin: “Run n****r, n****r, n****r!” When this video surfaced five years later, the punchline shocked Beliebers everywhere. Shortly after that, another video came out, in which a fourteen-year-old Bieber performed a
racially insensitive version of his song, “One Less Lonely Girl”. Bieber would apologize for both videos, claiming, that he didn’t understand the
power of these hateful words at the time. Being a professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan is no stranger to trash talk. But rather
than build any pre-match hype, this rant from the Hulkster resulted in his all
but being erased from WWE history. In 2006, a sex tape featuring Hogan was recorded. Onset tape, the wrestling icon delivered a racist rant, about his daughter and her
relationship with a black man. In addition to using the n-word multiple times, Hogan confessed that he was quote, “a racist, to a point.” The National Enquirer and Radar Online
exposed this racist tirade in 2015, the WWE subsequently fired Hogan, although Hogan’s people claim that he resigned. Hogan has since apologized, asserting
what was heard on the tape was quote, “inconsistent with his own beliefs,” but for now, his career and public image seem
to be down for the count. Acting as a guest co-host on “The View”, Kelly Osbourne attempted to
take a shot at Donald Trump. Osborne’s misfire however,
resulted in serious collateral damage. Discussing Trump’s views concerning
illegal Mexican immigration, Osborne asked who Trump
thought who’d clean his toilets, if he kicked out every Latino from the USA. As co-host, Rosie Perez pointed out though, Latinos aren’t the only people who clean toilets. Osborne attempted
to put her comment into perspective… but it was too late. The internet had already made up its mind, with the hashtag, “#QueridaKellyOsbourne”
blowing up on Twitter. The former “Fashion Police” panelist
regretted her poor choice of words saying, quote, “I’d hate me too.” A few months
before her own racist slip-up, Kelly Osbourne announced her
departure from “Fashion Police”, a decision made ironically, because of a racist statement
by fellow co-host, Giuliana Rancic. On the show on the Oscar edition of “Fashion Police”, Rancic landed herself in hot water, when she targeted singer, actress, Zendaya. Commenting on the young stars dreadlocks, Rancic suggested that the teen’s
smelled like patchouli oil or weed. Zendaya responded Rancic on Twitter, calling her words quote, “outrageously offensive,” Rancic admitted that she crossed a line on “E! News”. But she’s lucky,
because Zendaya decided to let bygones be bygones, accepting Rancic’s apology via Instagram. To say Donald Trump is a
politically incorrect figure would be an understatement. Throughout his U.S. presidential campaign in 2016, the Republican nominee made his stance on
border security and immigration abundantly clear. In fact, Trump entered the race accusing
Mexico of shipping drugs, crime and rapists into America. While Trump asserts that some
illegal immigrants are quote, “good people,” he’s also claimed, that the Mexican
government is sending quote, “the bad ones over”,
because they don’t want to pay for them. Trump has said so many racially
dubious things during his campaign, that they could be, and are a list themselves. Between his homophobic statements
during in 1991 newspaper interview, and his anti-Semitic comments
during a 2006 D.U.I. arrest, Mel Gibson shelled the world his true colors. But, following an incredibly hostile phone conversation in 2010, the former Hollywood giant destroyed
whatever little goodwill he had left. Speaking with his former lover,
Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson unleashed a tidal wave of hate-filled stupidity. An audio recording of this outburst was soon released, exposing Gibson’s racist tendencies, not to mention misogyny. Many would argue that
this scandal was ‘the final nail in the coffin’ killing Gibson’s once highly
bankable career… …seemingly for good. During his
time as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling faced his fair
share of discrimination lawsuits. But the NBA cut all ties with Sterling in 2014, after an offensive private recording was made public. Sterling wasn’t pleased, after his friend, V. Stiviano took a picture
with basketball superstar Magic Johnson, and posted it on Instagram. He condensed Stiviano for
associating with quote, “black people” asking her not to bring them to his games. It was eventually confirmed, the demand on this recording was Sterling, resulting in a lifetime ban from the NBA, and a two-and-a-half million ($2.5 M) dollar fine. Sterling continues to assert that he’s not a racist, but in light of his opinions on African-Americans it’s
difficult, if not impossible to believe him. In 2013, this southern celebrity chef found herself at the
center of a racial discrimination lawsuit. She was accused of making racial slurs
about African-Americans in front of her employees, and proposing a wedding with a quote, “true southern plantation-style theme.” Although the case was dismissed, Paula Deen confessed that she had used
the n-word in the past. In response, Deen was fired from the Food Network, and lost various lucrative endorsement deals. Just when it looked like Deen
couldn’t possibly cook up any more trouble. She posted a picture
of her son in brown face on Twitter. Deen has begged for forgiveness time after time,
but all of her apologies failed to please anyone. Before we get to our pick, here are a few honorable, or in this case
DIShonorable mentions. For years, Michael Richards was best known for
playing the lovable “Cosmo Kramer” on “Seinfeld”. Following a racial outburst at
the ‘Laugh Factory’ in 2006 however, Richards forever diminished his
delightfully quirky image. After being heckled by some
African-American members of the audience, the comedian lost his cool and… …dropped the n-word multiple times. Richards did publicly apologized for
his actions on the “Late Show with David Letterman”, and sought out various civil
rights leaders for forgiveness. He even poked fun at
himself and the incident, when the “Seinfeld” cast reunited on
“Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Yet, this racist slip continues to haunt Richards, who has seemingly left stand up behind for good. Do you agree with our list? What racist celebrity moment shocked you the most? For more entertaining Top 10’s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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  1. I am from Canada and hate when you drop that Beeber loser is Canadian. We gave him to you guys when you lost the Gold in Hockey in 2012. No return to sender policy!!! 😂😂😂😈

  2. Trump should do his research and realize how many Americans go overseas to have sex with underage children. That’s a crime but it seems like the bottom of the list of what he should be caring about

  3. OMG! 😱 Your mouth made a series of arbitrary sounds, in a specific sequence! You should lose your job, home, millions of dollars & hopefully your family/friends. IDC if it was 10+ years ago 🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. People voted for Trump because they want America to belong to Americans and will no longer suffocate under the blanket of political correctness. Praise God for President Trump!

  5. Watchmojo… You are more woke than the MCU. You absolutely disappoint me. People need to grow up and stop being crybaby narcissists.

  6. When Sara Silverman ranted on Bill Maher about blacks, dropping N-words and saying when people’s last name sounds black compared to jewish in season 1 of real time. Of course, it was a live show and it has been cut out for any future fall back on her. I remember her true colors that night

  7. reprimanding people for racist generalisations is like the church reprimanding people for masturbation..everyone does it…it's natural and harassing people for saying stupid stuff is hypocritical and pointless

  8. Ugh, one video that doesn’t hate on Trump would be lovely. Like he’s the president for God’s sake guys! Obama did NOT get hated on like this. And honestly, what good did he do for the country again?

  9. So Rihanna was jealous of the girl going out with the guy who used to beat the crap out of her?? 🤨🤨🤨 Stupid!!

  10. Seriously, if ANY one of you think that black people aren't racist against whites, brown or asian then your in serious denial…


  12. yea he should have know better than to talk on a phone with a Russian woman on the end your dumb man they will sell anything for money and i mean anything

  13. Donald Sterling is a racist no doubt about it, but his anger at her taking a picture with Magic Johnson has to do with the fact that he was a Laker and not a Clipper

  14. How can the "N" word be so offensive. It is being promoted in songs. rap and hip hop for the younger generation. It is used openly everywhere and being poured into music so why cry about it if you promote it

  15. These people all knew exactly what they were saying, It seems like all celebrities think that just posting a halfassed apology is going to make people feel better. I needs to stop. The only reason why they apologized was because they didn't get away with it lol.

  16. Mel Gibson claims he is a Catholic. Our Lord was Jewish. How can he then spew anti-Semitic filth The man is a hate filled piece of filth. Ex communicate him.

  17. Paula dean…there are millions upon millions upon millions of people who could throw that rock at you…you always see this…" feel sorry for ME…I'm the VICTIM…IM hurt by my racism"…u can f off with that bs

  18. Make a joke about someone with dread locks and all the sjw's will come and get u LOL that's the society we live in now .

  19. The things Donald Trump said about evil-supremacist countries, is factually correct, and you guys would take the time to examine world affairs if you didn't choose to label honesty as "racism".

  20. The clear pattern here, is that only whites are punished, hated and forgiven for racism. That is what actual racism looks like.

  21. I like the way this top 10 videos always have the Liberal bias. If a person is considered a racist for being over heard using a certain word-all I can say is wait till these Liberals and Democrats get caught because there isn't a person over the age of reasoning that hasn't used a word, description, story or phrase which would not qualify.

  22. Lol everyone says racist shit alone, these guys are just famous and everything becomes public.Stop acting like saints

  23. I was a black belieber. After that came out, i cried for a whole night about it. Killed my childhood. Also god damn it, black people can't get a break

  24. Wanting to reduce immigration and prevent illegal immigration is not racist … and there are drugs and gangs passing thru …. that’s not racist to point it out. Then he said some ppl coming thru are good…. so he’s not stroking the whole race w one brush at all. He’s talking ab illegal gangs and drugs …. what’s w this list

  25. Ok mojo that's it. 1. U do NOT have to be white to b American get that through your fucking head. Thar is nothing racist about saying make America great again. U know y cuz Americans r not just one race & sher as fuck r not all white or all racist.

  26. Also Mexico doesn't send drugs/ criminals over here? Ok have u ever heard of the Mexican mafia? The cartel bacily is the Mexican government. & it's not racist to point that out. U stupid fuck

  27. I don’t like Justin Bieber but his wasn’t that bad. My friends and I made the same joke when we were that age. Yes it’s kind of offensive but that’s what a lot of jokes are.

  28. I can’t believe Hulk Hogan, I grew up admiring him, he was one of my favorite wrestlers. Wow he’s lost all my respect!

  29. Why does this cock sucker Justin Bieber get to say shit like this yet if I did a video rmbr he knew he was being filmed Ild be killed for that it's a double standard no black ppl are yelling at him but hogan gets fucked up the ass for a comment not knowing he was being filmed it's a fucking joke

  30. As an Asian I experienced both racism from black and white.
    My experience, black folks really makes things very difficult and makes very rude hurtful remarks.

  31. 10.) Rihanna is a moron! (I get it. She was assaulted. But what she did was inexcusable.)
    9.) Beiber always had a punchable face, and his voice pisses me off!
    8.) I can totally rip into Hogan. The bastard can go stick his Vienna sausage in a fire ant hill.
    7.) Idk who that bitch is, but she better not go to Miami. That's all I gotta say.
    6.) Bitch, bye! You ain't sorry. You're sorry that your already tiny career was at risk of being trashed. And you were jealous, too. Just because you look like a humanized off-brand Dollar Store Barbie does not mean you had to shit on Zendaya.
    5.) I don't even wanna say anything…
    4.) He's a Punk Ass!
    3.) Idk who that ass hat is, but he can piss all the way off, too.
    2.) The fat bitch thought she was real slick, didn't she?
    1.) WHY, KRAMER? WHY?!!!!!!

  32. Trump preventing illegal immigration and crime isn’t racist it’s just facts most illegal immigrants coming from Mexico are illegal Mexicans

  33. 10:43
    Donald Stirling allows his girlfriend to sleep with other guys (in this case blacks)??
    Donald Sterling is a hell of a Cuckold.
    Respect ✊

  34. I think I just caught Hulk Hogan lying about his height cuz he said he’s 6’9 but snoop dogg is 6’4 and they’re the same height. Also people lie about not being racist everybody’s racist to a point

  35. 14:15 I rate the guy who said “Stop laughing it’s not funny” idk why they laughed at such a sensitive topic but they’re idiots for sure and they should feel ashamed.

  36. Trump shouldn’t be on here for commenting on border security. Border security isn’t something that isn’t racist, it is something we need and that is serious. It’s true they being drugs and crime, ever heard of a drug cartel? Yes some of them are good people, but if they want to come to America, do it legally, it’s better than being caught being here illegally. We need stronger border security, specifically in the south, it’s where there is the least amount of security and fencing. Up north it isn’t bad, all of frickin Canada isn’t trying to come here illegally

  37. What is it with americans and this race obsession? How can you ruin a successful career over one word? This is ridiculous.

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