Top 10 FREE Channels for Android TV | You Should Download These

If you’ve cut the cord
recently, you might’ve done it, you probably did it, to save some money. So, instead of spending a bunch
of money on expensive apps to watch TV and movies and stuff, you can actually get a ton of free content on your Android TV platform. Today we’re using the Nvidia
Shield to take a look at this, but these should work on
any Android TV platform. Let’s dive in. (upbeat techno music) So as we get started on this, first, don’t forget to
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subscribe for future ones. Now, today for the Android TV platform, we’re going over the top
10 free Android TV apps. Now there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of options out there for Android TV. These are just 10 of my
favorites that I’ve picked out that should get you started with a lot of free
content available to you. So as we do this, the
first thing to know is how to download an app on Android TV. If you already know how to do this, just skip ahead a couple minutes, but, right now, what we’re gonna do is let’s pick an app, say,
I don’t know, NASA app. Search for that, and, oh,
they don’t have it here, but NASA has an IPTV app, you have all these different apps. Okay, let’s do some wallpaper. When you find these apps, you can find it in the Play Store, here, download it, and it’s ready to go. I’m not gonna download this one right now, I’ve done a bunch here. So, to go to my home screen, I hit this button, here,
on the Nvidia Shield, the circle button, takes
me to my home screen. So I’ve got all my apps here,
this is my favorite apps, I should say, if I hold
that circle button, it will show me all the
apps I have downloaded, so we could go through it that way, and take a look at these. But, I kind of have them
in order here (laughs), so. I’m gonna skip past a
lot of these, you know, like Netflix, this is a paid app, this comes downloaded
on your Nvidia Shield or whatever other device you have. I’m gonna skip past the regular ones, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Music, and I’m gonna start with my
first pick for a good free app, and that is Plex. Plex is an interesting one because its not just free content
gathered from around the web, this is where you can
upload your own content. So, if you have spent years
gathering DVDs, and Blu-rays, and then converting
those into digital files, or if you have digital
files that you’ve gathered from around the web, you can actually load those into Plex and have them available to play
in your Android TV platform. So, on my Nvidia Shield, here, now I can go look at my
home videos, movies, photos, that sort of thing. You guys don’t get to see my
(laughs), my personal stuff, but you can also go in here, and they’ve got recommended
podcasts and web shows, news stories that you can check
out as you go through Plex. So it does pull in some content aggregated from around the web, in
addition to the stuff that you can load in yourself. Next up is Twitch. This will be familiar to any gamers, which is perfect for the Nvidia Shield. If you bought this, you’re
likely a gamer, (laughs) so. Twitch, you’re probably
already familiar with this. But yes, it is available on Android TV. If you enjoy video games, if, like me, you are the third of three boys, and so you never got to play video games, you just had to watch video
games, this is a lot of fun. Now, you can go pick whatever
your favorite games are. You know, World of Warcraft,
obviously, is popular. My favorite would be StarCraft II. Big StarCraft II fan. And so now I can go check out
livestreams of tournaments or just people playing online and, you know, going
through their gameplays. So, Twitch is a lot of fun. Now, number three is Steam Link. Similarly, this is going
to be for gamers as well. If you have a Steam account, and you’re using that to
play video games on your PC, you can actually link that PC, your Steam account in that PC, to your Nvidia Shield, or
your other Android TV device, and Steam Link will
allow you to play that. In the case of the Nvidia Shield, it comes with a game controller that you can use for that sort of thing. Otherwise, you might have to get a different Bluetooth
controller similar to this one. Steam actually sells
a Bluetooth controller that you can use for this. So Steam Link is a great option for that. Next up is Tellybean. Tellybean is a video conferencing,
or video calling, app. It’s really easy to set up. All you do is on, for instance,
on this Nvidia Shield, its got a USB port on the back. You plug a webcam into that,
set it on top of your TV, and Tellybean will allow you to video call right there on your TV. So, you don’t have to use your phone, you don’t have to use your
computer if those are tied up, or, for some reason, you’d
rather use it on the big screen, so that you have a lot
of screen real estate for that video calling. Tellybean allows you to do that. Great option there. These two kind of go together, obviously. PBS and PBS Kids. I’ll talk a little bit more about channel specific downloads, but PBS might be my favorite one, just for sheer amount of
family-friendly content that you get, can get, either
through PBS or PBS Kids. So, in this case, you just login here. It’s gonna have you connect your, it’s gonna have you login at, activate the app, so that it knows where
you are logging in from. That way you get, not just
nationwide PBS content, but you can get your
local content as well. In my case, KUED. So, whatever’s airing on KUED, here in the Salt Lake
City area, I can get that. Wherever you are, it’ll
link that local content, as well as the national stuff. Pretty cool. PBS Kids, obviously, that’s a
no-brainer if you have kids. All the “Daniel Tiger’s” ever. It’s great. All right, next up, Puffin TV. This is a browser. If you need to browse the internet on your Android TV device. It’s kinda tricky because there aren’t, there are a lot of
browser options out there, but not all of them are
optimized for a TV experience. Puffin is optimized for that. So, I can come into the Puffin browser, I can start searching, I can start, I can go directly to a URL, or it will curate some content for me, if I want to go through a few
different categories, here. It’ll show me my recently viewed stuff. If I want to view a webpage
that I was on recently, I can do that, and I can navigate it here, just with my remote or with
the game controller as well. So, next up is kind of another two-for. And, this one is the Sideload Launcher. The Sideload Launcher is, this is gonna take a little explanation. Sideloading, if you’re
not familiar with this, this is something you
should get familiar with because you may need to use it. It’s used for any time an
app that you want to use on your Android TV is not
available in the Android TV store, you can sideload it. So, for instance, Google Drive. For some reason, that was not available or is not available on
the Android TV platform, but if you want to access
your Google Drive files, here, on your TV, you’re going
to need to sideload that. It’s a sorta complicated process that we’re not gonna go through today, but you would download that app elsewhere, and then use something like
the X-plore file explorer to bring it into your Android TV. But once it’s there, its not
gonna show up in your homepage. So, what do you do? You use something like
the Sideload Launcher. And that’s gonna pull together
all of these different apps that you have sideloaded. Now, you can navigate to those apps. So, this is gonna be vital, something like Sideload
Launcher and X-plore would be vital if you
want to do sideloading, get both of these. There are others out there, these are just the ones
that are easy and popular, and the ones that I would recommend. Next up are a couple that I recommend for just about any platform out there. Pluto TV and Tubi TV are
available, not just on Android TV, but on all the other platforms as well. And they are great, if you’re looking for free
content on your device. So, Pluto TV is free live TV. So, they have scheduled TV,
whoops, let’s turn that down. They have scheduled TV,
just like you’re used to with your cable or satellite subscription. They have different channels
that you can go through. So, if you wanna watch Spotlight, you just pop in and watch
it like you would elsewhere. And it is commercial-supported, again, just like you’re used to
on cable or satellite. And you can browse through,
check out different free TV, free movies and TV shows,
again, commercial-supported. But, you can scroll through that, kind of like you would with Netflix or something along those lines. Speaking of which, that’s
exactly what Tubi TV is. Is, essentially, an
ad-supported version of Netflix. It doesn’t have the same
movies and TV shows as Netflix, you know, it is a different
app, but, in this, you can scroll through different genres, different categories, pick a show, and if you wanna watch that,
it is gonna be free to you, but commercial-supported. So, if you’re okay with dealing with a few commercials here and there, then Tubi and Pluto are wonderful options. And then, last up, again, it’s
kind of a two-for category, or it’s as many as you want. These are channel specific apps. I pulled a couple here,
BBC America and The CW. There are a lot of other
channels out there that do this. ABC, I know, has an app
that let’s you watch all their shows,
commercial-supported, for free. Eh, well, all, most, some,
it depends on the app. But, for instance, with
The CW, if I pop in here, it’s gonna give me a
ton of different shows that I can scroll through and see. So, if I wanna watch the latest
episode of “The Outpost”, I kinda started that a little while ago, I can watch that,
commercial-supported, at no charge. All you have to do is download the app. So, it’s pretty sweet. With all these options,
you’ve got no excuse for paying a ton of money
if you cut the cord. That being said, a lot
of us are still gonna pay for Netflix and Hulu or whatever, but if you do want to get away from paying a bunch of money
for your entertainment, there are a lot of free options out there on your streaming device. So, on the Android TV, these
are the 10 that I recommend. If you have any others that
you would recommend for people, just hit the comments below, and let me know what your favorites are. Make sure you subscribe to this channel, and give this video a
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and we’ll see you next time.

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