Top 10 websites for news on marijuana stocks // Cannabis hemp pot weed investing basics Canada 2017

Top 10 websites for news on marijuana stocks // Cannabis hemp pot weed investing basics Canada 2017, marijuana stocks to buy, marijuana stocks to buy now, marijuana stocks to invest in, marijuana stocks brokers, marijuana stocks canada, cannabis stocks, hemp stocks, pot stocks, weed stocks, marijuana stocks list, medical marijuana stocks, marijuana stocks on robinhood, marijuana penny stocks, penny stock broker, best penny stock broker, Trading and Investing Options and Stocks, Medical Marijuana Investment, Make Money in Stocks, OTC stocks, Strategy for trading or investment David Moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Moadel today I’m going to give you my top 10 list of marijuana stocks news websites these websites are all right now free to view and browse around and you know i’m not getting paid by any of these websites or companies but it’s where I get my news from and if you’re into marijuana stocks you’ve got to keep up with the latest developments the latest news more than most sectors of stocks marijuana stocks are very news dependent and you know you got to keep up with the laws and the the developments in the industry otherwise you’re going to be behind and that could be very devastating for your trading and investing account alright so let me go ahead and give you that list there and they are Maryland these are all dot-coms marijuana stocks dot-com technical marijuana index dot com marijuana stocks new cannabis ventures dot-com MJ biz mji MJ reporter dot-com the weed and MJ today so feel free to check those out and what I would like to do right now is show you three of them the three that I probably like the most from that list this one is marijuana stocks dot-com that’s probably my number one choice just because they have so much information here you could spend hours on this easily I mean they’ve got the the ticker here they’ve got the latest news they’ve got their own list of you know marijuana stocks trans articles political section it’s it’s pretty impressive and you can see they’ve got the tickers trtc terratec is one of my favorites alright so you know and and you might get ideas for for trade and investments here they’ve got their list here and it’s it’s pretty impressive so you might want to check that out here’s another one marijuana index dot com also probably in my top three I would say from that list and they’ve got the charts they’ve got a snapshot of a whole industry here how it’s doing North American index us index Canadian index and so on as well as the just the regular markets the Dow the Nasdaq the S&P they’ve got the trends here and these can give you ideas for your trade and investments they’ve got the news it’s all it’s all right here alright and then another one probably in my top three as well mji marijuana industry news they focus on the news but they’ve also got you know in investing section research they’ve got editorials op-eds opinions marijuana events audio video press releases all kinds of things so it’s it’s really impressive and you can see all the news that’s going on there all right and they’ve got to divide it up into investing politics and regular news so it’s pretty impressive here alright so check out that list check out all the summer all of the websites on there and if you like some more help with marijuana stocks or how to trade or invest any type of stock you could send me an email at any time my email address is David Modell @ if you like this video if you find it helpful please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and leave comments also please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done that already because i want you to be able to receive the latest updates on my financial educational videos thank you so much for checking out my videos I appreciate it and I’ll talk to you soon

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