100 thoughts on “Transcript of key diplomat’s testimony in impeachment inquiry released

  1. When will people realize CNN has the facts? Cmon! We know Trump is a Russian spy trying to take away our gay parade celebrations. Meddles in our corrupt free elections. Adam Schiff is the most honest person in congress. I call him Honest Schiff. Cause we know when he reads a documented phone transcript he reads it word for word. He would never lie to congress or the media for a political agenda ever. Ladies and gents we have a smoking gun!!! A real live whistle blower. Yes it's real!! Just because he was fired in 2017 from the white house and worked with Joe Biden in Ukraine when Obama was president. Had absolutely no correlation with his motives. Nothing but facts here

  2. CNN commentators are like good little robots. They get a script in the morning and are ordered to echo it repeatedly all day long. Itʻs really sad that they canʻt think or speak for themselves. But it is also quite hilarious… I wonder if they realize how foolish and weak they appear to the world? The ONLY Quid Pro Quo was committed by Joe Biden. Joe Biden is now officially under investigation but CNN will never admit this. Trump is going to win 2020 because he LOVES America and he puts Americans first….Eric Ciaramella (LEAKER< NOT WHISTLE BLOWER) and his attorney are LOVERS. There are many pictures of them online hugging and kissing each other. Durham has put his Grand Jury in place which means indictments are coming. Democrat socialists are going to be arrested and hopefully executed. I hope CNN is on that list too.

  3. Wait….didn't you cnn guys say hillary would win and jeffrey epstein killed himself? Wrapped up by Christmas, huh? Sorry, but their president said there was no pressure, what part of that don't you understand? Nice to hear people say Christmas instead of holidays, thanks to the Teflon Don…see you biased bitches in 2020. And epstein didn't kill himself.

  4. That’s because Trump told you Wolf Blitzer that your ratings sucked.

    Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (944K) average viewers for 3rd quarter 2019. If it weren’t for Cable subscribers your show would get the Vaudeville Hook.

  5. dems yelling wolf again….lol nobody cares.Wish you would cover Bidens blackmailing like you cover every lies that come out from haters. Maybe we would watch u guys.

  6. If the whistleblower were wearing a Dump Trump T-shirt, foaming at the mouth and laughing like Woody Woodpecker, his testimony would do nothing to change the 1st hand witness accounts and the facts. The GOP and Trump want REVENGE. They want this guy/girl to pay!!

  7. The Dems just want to race to the vote. They know they want to vote to impeach, truth be damned. This whole CNN report, if you watch and listen closely, is nothing but woulda, coulda, shoulda, might be, maybe and what ifs.

  8. Sooooo…. Are you guys going to continue ignoring the whole epstein thing? Did plennnnnty of Kavanaugh with no evidence, yet nothing about this……. What are you hiding?

  9. I thought we learned not to vote entertainment personalities into office, in 2019 we are watching a reality TV con man president get caught pressuring a Ukrainian actor president? This is getting out of hand.

  10. I'm almost glad my father died before he saw what type of person Guiliani would turn out to be, he looked up to Rudy like a leader. We all know now he's nothing more than a shill.

  11. Getting the story right is what CNN is known for, particularly when the subject is something about which they are recognized experts: "campaign of lies." Anyway, wish the Dems would Impeach him so it can get thrown out of the Senate, and we can get on with the planned universal gun ban in the inner cities.

  12. why shouldnt the whistle blower testify? arent we supposed to be able to face our accusers? and if we dont have the right to face our accusers
    isnt that a bad thing?

  13. Love that this is being documented. It's fun to watch how Trump is being praised for making sure corruption stops with our money that we give to not our citizens but others. CNN has never wanted Biden to be the Dem Candidate. That's why they've highlighted Hunter's corruption. Thank you CNN for helping Trump as you keep doing. urrrr

  14. This coup should have been over once the President of the Ukraine, Zelensky said no quid pro quo. He's the most important witness. Period. Yet this travesty of an inquiry is full of civil right violations and holes in the calling of witnesses. Why would witnesses that were neither involved or listened to the phone call be able to testify??? Their testimony is hearsay. Similar to when people gossip without knowledge or being a witness yet think and assume a crime before one even existed. It violates anyone's civil rights when narratives are distorted or cherry picked to fit the assumption of guilt. The testimonies that are hearsay become biased opinions instead of a factual or witnessed account. Why hearsay is thrown out in court of laws.
    Other damning information came out today regarding the whistleblowers lawyer. His emails that stated this was a coup orchestrated by his client, CNN and Democratic Party. from whistleblowers lawyer that Dems, CNN. Those that are complicit should be routed out indicted and when found guilty hung from public gallows. They committed sedition. The will of we the people, will prevail over Democratic liberal hate and lies. It will be done the legal way we oust or vote in a president, the ballot box.

    No way in hell would my family vote Democratically ever again. Trump 2020. Democratic and MSM hate backfired and now will overthrow anyone involved. Trump should sue the heck out of anyone involved for sedition, slander and malice.

  15. Why do they need the whistleblower? While so many other witnesses are confirming what he said! It is unnecessary for him to testify!

  16. Aww The poor leaker was named . Who gives a shit about retaliation against his traitor ass or his family . Don't leak and you wouldn't have to worry about it . Bad things only happen to you because you were there .

  17. If y'all don't shut up about Trump, im'a vote for his ass. Gimme a reason to vote democrat. I don't want a shitty government job, and i don't really care if you tax rich people if its all going to shit i don't care about. Now if you start talking about that 1000$ in my pocket from Yang, i'll start listening.

  18. CNN has been proven to be blatantly leftist biased. Why even watch the video at this point? We want FACTS not FAKE NEWS OPINIONS you rats💵🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  19. Pence and Trump are equally Dark 👺🧟‍♂️👹and the whole trump administration 🤥🤭. America has to wake up.This whole trump swamp needs to be rid of.

  20. Republicans should be questioning what will be done to them if they try to brush this under the rug, I'm not sure what they think is at stake but they should be reevaluating their lives and remember what happened to the Russian czars when the people drug them from their palaces and killed them all…

  21. Cnn and the crazy left are absolutely insane. How about Omar,Biden,Clinton,Cortez,the list goes on. I’m talking about officials that have shit on the constitution.

  22. The reason all this is unusual is because we had 8 years of bad business with idiot Obama. Dems have ultimate say, lol , it never ends, lol, what a bunch of fucktards, blah blah blah, the world is laughing at us

  23. It ain’t gonna be done by Xmas. It ain’t gonna happen until about 2022 if at all. These DEMS are full of BS. 👎👎👎 Just trying to distract the Prez from doing the job we elected him to do. 🤬😡 Meanwhile the country suffers tremendously because Congress is not representing the people in their affairs.

  24. Alot of hearsay and wishful thinking. Hope you all realize your coming closer to starting a civil war. Show us facts hard facts not people saying bs. If you happen to impeach Trump without hard facts totally on hearsay be ready for a civil war.

  25. To me THIS ISN'T solid evidence to prosecute Donald Trump… It JUST ISN'T….. Its all testimonial and bs… Im tired of the media covering stupid shit….. Trump needs to pass a bill about corruption within the media and the implications it causes

  26. After the quid quo pro(five billion dollars from the Jew occupied US to overthrow the lawfully elected government of Ukraine during the Olympics which are supposed to promote international peace ) the consequences provide endless confusion for the bad news machine.
    By Christmas a lot of things can happen.
    "Communications facilities"

  27. Imagini din Arhiva TVR cu Toma Caragiu în sceneta "Aşa e în tenis" de Dan Mihăescu, Grigore Pop şi Octavian Sava.

  28. the executive branch of our government deals with the leaders of country's and the president decides how to deal with them. who else in the goverement can do that? that's why he was elected. and if some lower ranking official is alarmed by the president's actions, oh well, get over it that person is not in charge. also if the president uses outside sources in negotiations so what it seems to me he can't trust people in the state dept., now can he? then to think we are suppose to give Ucraine free money with no strings attached? none at all, come on.


  30. https://www.google.com/search?q=Humanity+-+Charles+Bukowski+%26+Alan+Watts&rlz=1C1CHBF_enRO808RO808&sxsrf=ACYBGNTK97cv9gq7UPkVj72dKGHIFuwvQA:1573199161914&ei=OR3FXbiLN-zjkgXF0b-oCw&start=100&sa=N&ved=0ahUKEwj4i9PJj9rlAhXssaQKHcXoD7U4bhDy0wMIhQE&biw=1366&bih=608

  31. Giuliani had lots of experience prosecuting mob bosses in New York. Unfortunately he is now using too much of what he learned from them in covering for his favorite client.

  32. Didn't Skeletor Pelosi say impeachment should be bipartisan? The vote last week only showed bipartisanship against impeachment. Hypocritical much?

  33. Taylor, Kent, & Yovanovitch could require lots of top security to protect their appearance (and physical well being) before (and after) next weeks congressional hearings. The same goes for ALL those who will be doing the same in the coming weeks. Guiliani & Trump know too well the tactics employed by the mob.

  34. CNN you are nothing but fake fake news, the fact that you are spreading lies to the American people will come back and slap you in the ass, I can’t wait for you to be shut down. That key witness had no first hand knowledge of anything regarding the call to the Ukraine and our President released the transcripts of the call so the proof is in the pudding this is all a waste of time and money and the democrats should be run out of town on a rail for lying and smearing this president for the last 3 years. There’s not going to be an impeachment at least not one that has any real support from all the people the man did nothing wrong he never has and still they continue to harass and bad talk him to the bitter end we will see exactly how the republicans will treat the next democratic president if we have to have one.

  35. Geez why be soo afraid of Donald trump? I don't see him planning to kill or throw you to the cleaners , not just yet 😂….most likely never if you're good ….let him, allow him to do his job !

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