100 thoughts on “Trump falsely blames Trudeau for editing ‘Home Alone 2’ scene

  1. Sorry CNN but calling trump’s statement a joke does nothing to serve the truth. And how is this a whole segment?! Why not make an entire segment on how trump CUT SNAP benefits for almost a million Americans!

  2. Who gives a shit!! It's old old news. Childish and non news worthy! Yet these reporters/news personnel act like an old childish thing is big news ! Pathetic!!!!

  3. Like Trudeau even cares. Like anybody cares. Trudeau has important things to do. Not like moron Trump. Complaining about his cameo in "Home Alone 2". God help us.

  4. This is absolutely the DUMBEST conversation I've ever witnessed. Why is this newsworthy?! Welp…I'll tell you why. This shows me that trump's camp NEVER ONCE checked (aka GOOGLED) when the actual edits took place! Seriously

  5. I watched this movie years ago and I swear I don't remember seeing trump in it. Doesn't he have more important things to worry about than 7 second clip?

  6. Oh a dumbass news article from cnn? Never seen that before. I wish they actually went back to news stories instead of this BS

  7. As President Trump, the former TV entertainer and real estate mogul, knows, all publicity is good publicity. Blaming Trudeau was just another smart move and also gave Trump the opportunity to bitch-slap this arrogant pretty boy of the Great White North.

  8. Are we seriously talking about this? He’s been impeached and the process isn’t finished. There are still kids dying at the border. Healthcare is still shit. Homelessness and the VA are still out of control but we’re talking about this bitchass having his scene deleted from a movie that’s a couple decades old? Really? Really?

  9. "It's a joke, son. Get it, Bone Head?" Foghorn Leghorn, to every idiot liberal. Forget it, F.L., the fog's too thick.

  10. Trump supporter's are blown away. "DUHHH, why did they do this to our precious leader?" Trump will spend his next stupid rally ranting away on this like a Lunatic.

  11. He's projecting what HE would do!!! Trudeau has better things to do Trump's brain does not function normally!

  12. Holy cow people, this is the US president crying about THIS, and then retaliating by altering the NAFTA deal to slight Canada as revenge. And the worst part is the Canadian govt had nothing to do with editing that part out 😂😂😂

  13. Fuck I'd like to edit him out a every piece of video or film of him in existence!!! Even my brain. Shit, I don't blame Canada.

  14. Giving directions for the lobby is the best quote he will come up with and we will remember him by. Don't remove it.

  15. Tremendous movie! Lol
    More of the same from the first one!
    The first movie it's more a classic Xmas movie & of course we have an excellent Cameo by our beloved Canuck John Candy!.

  16. Bahaha!!!! OMG.. Why in the world would you think Canada /Our Prime minister is behind it ??! 😂😆This is Hillarious! Maybe it was Melania ? Who knows…😂😆

  17. There are some really serious issues people are dying our earth is dying and that's what he's concerned about? Geez

  18. Haha fuck, if we were banning him on TV we wouldn't air American TV up here 😂 hilariously someone made a meme about this long before this

  19. I didn't realize canada was responsible for Home Alone. So I am guessing Canada made the 1st and 2nd ones, then we stole it and made the rest? Would explain alot, honestly.

  20. The Trump scene was edited out.Perhaps the scene can be replaced by Trudeau in blackface with a sock in his drawers.

  21. You mean the cameo he made them do with him in it? He told the producers if they wanted to film in his building they were gonna have to put him in it. Now he's bitchin & moaning like a fkg child with conspiracy theories. He is the joke…Not Kidden!

  22. They should create a data base with all of his nut job conspiracy theory voters. Just so we know who the people are. Crazy people shouldn't be able to vote. They are all parasites!

  23. Why Is everybody taking it so serious? Relax. I’m not a Trump supporter but everybody relax please relax take deep breaths!! You guys are gonna make me become Trump supporter. I’m dead

  24. Trump must have done his own Fact-Checking and the entire world was in the dark including Justin Trudeau not knowing Justin Trudeau was Prime Minister in 2014. I thought it was Stephen Harper but according to Trumps Fact Check, this is not so.

  25. Fack Trudeau and his owned corrupt media up in Canada, Alberta will take trump off your hands! you guys can have mister fancy socks soy boy lmao

  26. Trump Derangement Syndrome is hitting the Liberal DOLT community and All Hateful Anti-Trump Liberal Media Stooges HARD. Such a Dirty Shame that CNN has to find more IDIOTIC nonsense to Smear our President. This CRAP news segment here is a non-story.

    Here is a challenge for ALL Liberal Media WEASELS of the Highly Biased and Totally Dishonest Liberal Mainstream Media: Start reporting on the Positive Progress of President Trump's America First Agenda. The BOOMING Economy, Jobs and Companies returning to America, the Effective Southern Border Protective Wall, the restoration of our Military Might, Prosperity for Millions upon Millions of American Citizens, etc. These are subjects of proper news segments you people at CNN and the rest of the Liberal Media should be reporting to the American Public.

    It is time for the Liberal Mainstream Media to come clean and end its Journalism MALPRACTICE. Enough is enough!!!



    MAGA! KAG!


  27. I usually only see the movie on tv at Christmas time. I forgot he was even supposed to be in it it’s been so long since I’ve seen the unedited version

  28. CNN, you're arguing that trump is polarizing people by dramatizing things like this, yet you spend 7 minutes arguing why the trump administration and fox news are horrible people. you;re also polarizing people!!!

    please, can you just give factual news. i mean so many people are losing healthcare, innocent people are dying in the middle east (due to trumps crazy arms sales to SA), there's enough actual news that works against trump anyway. dont waste your time on things like this!

  29. Racist people got what they voted for. Donald trump.he's making himself and he's friends rich.but most of he's voters will die in a trailer park poor and hungry.

  30. Whining Man-baby. Do your job Trump and learn how to pronounce the name of countries and it's leaders properly. You either didn't go to school or you didn't learn anything while attending.

  31. The kid was in one of Trumps hotels. It was a joke that Trump himself bumps into him. And many CANADIANS WISH they had a President like THE DONALD! Dont kid yourself…TDS is very REAL!

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