100 thoughts on “Trump Ukraine transcript release, watch live coverage

  1. CBS has reported the conspiracy theory of Trump and Russia collusion since 2016 and now we're expected to take reporting of this Ukraine issue seriously?

  2. CBS should know that asking a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent is illegal PERIOD. No quid pro quo needed.

  3. Wow. Representative Adam Schiff's comment at 1:12:43 is crazy. He literally cut and pasted lines from different parts of the document together… You can make anyone look anyway you want if you twist their words around to further your agenda. Just read the transcript and you will see what I am talking about.

  4. The democrats new slogan "Trying to impeach Trump since November 2016" Russia / Stormy Daniels / Russia again / Weather Map / Now Ukraine corruption. Hard to support a democrat anymore.

  5. Soon as nancy Pelosi said that it didnt matter if trump released the transcript. that showed me there was nothing damning in that document.

  6. Is anybody really falling for the. DOJ's excuse here? There is no allegation that Trump violated campaign-finance laws here. so for the doj to say that they didn't bring any charges because they didn't find any campaign finance law violation is bogus on its face. the allegation is that Trump sought a quid pro quo arrangement with Ukrainian president in which he would release the aid to Ukraine in exchange for the Ukrainian president forcing an investigation of Joe Biden and his son. And that is at the very least bribery.

  7. It is depressing reading the comments. The media (at least this report) is reporting what is happening.
    That is their job and it appears they are reporting the information as they become available.

  8. CBS is part of the fake news media. What do you expect? Hunter Biden got big moneys in exchange for his dad creepy Joe calling off an investigation. God bless President Trump

  9. I vote for a "C'mon Man" law. Or a "That's B.S." one. For when something is super obvious and there is no proof. yes i know why that's a bad idea.

  10. As I've already pointed out it doesn't matter what the attorney general says about campaign finance violation. The issue here is quid pro quo bribery or extortion. Did Trump hold up 250 million dollars in aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation in the Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. This is just another deflection tactic by Bill Barr. Additionally this so-called transcript is not in fact a transcript, a verbatim transcript, it's a transcript made up of notes. I hope no one else is surprised when The whistleblower complaint is turned over and it's heavily redacted.

  11. 15:50 they cut it so you wouldnt hear what they were doing. Pathetic. Then they seitched it to something off topic. Classy. What coverage.

  12. What a difference from CNN. Reporting on facts and findings, thoughtful conveyance of analyst's views backing them with the views and comments of the figureheads involved. I am so impressed and happy to see A+ news. Subscribing now

  13. Ok so who said “Nothing Burger” and gave the trump supporters a new phrase? It’s getting annoying already and they just learned it.

  14. Man, you people are disgusting. You want to know the major thing, why it's so so hard to trick us with your spins? It's because we just spent 8 years listening to you all give Obama a free pass on everything. Everything you're saying now to take nothing and make it sound evil somehow is exactly what you did for Obama, but the opposite, took everything evil that he did and tried to make it sound like nothing or even that it was good in some way. You people are a joke.

    You make me want to vomit just listening to you sit there and dig for any little thing to make this normal discussion sound as bad as you possibly can. Sorry, but most of us aren't as stupid as the Democrat base is. I pray that when this is all said and done that you people will be destitute for the lies that you push. But sometimes I think Christ wants to reserve your due justice for the eternal burn that you don't believe in because of how superior you are. You look like you have another what, 30 years or so, then you get to face God for all of the lies you've helped to push, for all of the suffering of the innocent that you've had a direct hand in causing. What's worse for you is that you know you're lying. You know that the insane ANTIFA types are out there because of your rhetoric, but you don't care. God will bring all that back to you and you will account for every single bit of it. Praise Jesus Christ.

  15. This speaks volumes about the globalist progressives.They say Pres Trump is a liar,he my stretch the truth,but in comparison what they are up to is much,much worse

  16. The transcript of this call literally reveals that Trump was all good actually, and that Biden is the one who asked for favors in return for no prosecution!!!!!!!!! wow.

  17. Republicants (lol) are low IQ . Dumnald Dump (lol) said it best , " I love the uneducated " , yeah because that's his base .
    What's it going to take for you people to understand that he cares nothing about the US !? #RussianOperative

  18. What are some good goals for the people? There are poor people in every country who struggle with homelessness, and people shake their heads and scoff and throw a few bucks at them or call them lazy and say get a job. There is red tape, no one will hire you if you are dirty and don't have a means to acquire the required documents. Have you ever passed a brother or sister begging on your way and could have helped yet didn't? That could change today, they are people and it's usually more work just to survive in a weakened hungry state than most jobs. Don't forget the word of God, "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor, "Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you"—when you already have it with you.

    — Proverbs 3:27-28

  19. Democrats are so dumb, all this has been set up to bring up child groper Biden's crimes which he bragged about in national television, the child groper is no longer the front runner, ,,,, the fake native American is next, then, the socialist coward Bernie.

  20. Democrats are so dumb, all this has been set up to bring up child groper Biden's crimes which he bragged about in national television, the child groper is no longer the front runner, ,,,, the fake native American is next, then, the socialist coward Bernie.

  21. ppl supporting trump on this are ridiculous. This would be the equivalent of me having someone break into your house because i think you're guilty of tax evasion. we have law enforcement and courts in america designed to carry out investigations not foreign powers. The distrust of the american legal system by the right is unpatriotic and disgusting.

  22. Ex democrat voter here, I have to finally admit this fact, the democrats are a bunch of slimy, sneaky, con artists. To think that I voted for these criminals, never again

  23. DMP3 KCMO.?? Veteran. Why? Realize the cost ! This witch hunt has cost ?? at present 1 billion$. Why? Because of a fallout with a true Beverly hillbilly. Lol wow go odonnell. Really doesn't the President have the right to investigate the obvious? Dam! So hollywood decides what is done by Pelosi. Ok. Waste another billion then build the wall. Then bring change to legalized slavery, then bring justice to police brutality victims. Oh! I'm sorry we're black ?? so Pelosi says no to our rights. Good deal. Fishy business fighting for non-?? while black lives still don't matter ! & I'm a VET? thank you miss Pelosi your so real to ??.

  24. It is unprecedented for a president to have to release ANY phone conversations, let alone with another president. The fact that they think they are actually going to impeach him is laughable and is only going to look worse when nothing happens..like the last 2 years..but they will probably keep going and when he gets elected again, it still probably won't stop.

  25. Reporters saying, 'Impeachment isn't a 'legal process' is disingenuous, at best! Criminals can go to jail when impeached for any number of serious, "High Crimes and Misdemeanors". Whatever is deemed a criminal act, by the House investigstions!

    This is no game. It's very serious, and could end careers, and restrict people's liberty!

  26. Kurt Volker just resigned after being named in the transcript haha! This is BIG. Looks like the rats are jumping ship! IMPEACH TRUMP 2019

  27. … If you're having a suspicion that hubby is cheating do you ask people to talk to sister n law? No… You'd have them tell your close friends or relatives

  28. I read online from someone and they said…… I was listening on radio on the way home to Fox news on 114, and CNN on 116. CNN was talking how this was the end of the line for Trump, how he would soon be impeached and everything he did was illegal. I listened to Fox news long enough to hear them say that the impeachment was a chance for everyone to see how corrupt Biden and the democrats were, and how this was good for Trump. I personally am not a Trump supporter, but the way the news was being told was like opposites. If you only listen to one news channel or the other, it's easy to see why people feel one way or the other. It is like two different stories about the same thing. I wish we could get back to just telling the news, and letting the listeners or viewers make up their own decisions.

  29. Democrats can't focus on themselves because they have nothing to offer!! I keep looking to see! The one person that does have SOMETHING Yang (and Tulsi Gabbard) they ignore???? Makes no sense. They are going by the assumption that the American public voted AGAINST Hillary, not FOR Trump, so they are running an AGAINST CAMPAIGN. It is not going to work for them.

  30. Jeff, I knew a girl once who also had cystic fibrosis. I pray she still lives, but you might with the money you make.

    EVERYONE who has spent 10 years in the House of Congress or the Senate is by default a criminal. Redistricting.

  31. You are reporters – are you not?
    What is Crowdstike, and who owns it?
    Enough said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99R0rJsqEOc

  32. Please – no other fake blondes with nose job's under the age of thirty years telling me anything.
    … … .
    Global Warming? The American Indian riding a horse on the creek with a tear in his eyes. You are children to ME.

  33. Rorshack Test?
    Butterflies in my stomach.
    Ohh my God, the President of the United States of America spoke to a newly elected President of the Ukraine (historically corrupt) and withheld financing until he spoke to him? God forbid President T. Roosevelt lived. You take too much for granted. Drums along the Mohawk. Impeach EVERY CONGRESSPERSON and U.S. SENATOR who has spent more than 10 years in office – 20 years worth of tax returns. The Democrats have made an ERROR. Guilty until proven innocent? Impeachment "Inquiry" without the release of the transcript – forthwith forwarded – and the "whistleblower" CIA "Operative" without the right to confront one's accuser? Is this the United States of America – or NOT?

  34. Yes joe biden should be looked into for corruption..he strong armed ukraine….ho after biden his son was kicked out of navy and has drug history yet was on board of directors of Ukrainian gas company and paid 50k a month…and joe biden asked for the prosecutor looking into it be fired

  35. No. Trump asked , while withholding aide designated by congress, if the Ukraine president could do him a favor, by looking into Biden. Read people!! It’s not difficult. My Lord. Barr is corrupt. His initial insertion into this should NOT have even occurred.

  36. "BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine –
    Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government is Her
    Legislative Aide"
    by Joe Hoft September 30, 2019

    Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in Ukraine politics.  Her legislative
    aide, Ivanna Voronovych https://twitter.com/ivanna0328?lang=en , is from the Ukraine and is connected to the
    Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and
    Ukrainian party life.

    Young Ivanna Voronovych was a party girl in the Ukraine and somehow
    managed to make her way into a position as a Legislative Aide to Nancy
    Pelosi –

    Young Voronovych started her career working at the US Embassy in the
    Ukraine in Kiev.  She worked for Roman Woronowycz, the Kiev Bureau
    Chief, who is connected to Nancy Pelosi.   As a matter of fact, he is a
    fan of Pelosi’s.  Woronowycz is well connected with with the US Congress
    as can be seen from the picture below where he was given a tour of the
    Capital by Voronovych before reportedly meeting up with Pelosi, Schumer
    and others.  He once posted, “Tell Nancy to keep up the good work!” 
    (What is he referring to here?)

    Voronovych’s parents are well connected.  Her mom worked with the
    Ukrainian Army, and even received the Ukraine Order of Merit for
    military and political activity.  Yoronovych’s father worked in the
    Ukrainian Foreign Service and he’s also connected to the Ukrainian


    Voronovych is no friend of President Trump – distributing anti-Trump propaganda about the Trump balloon in London  –

    Why is this girl on Pelosi’s staff?  Why does Pelosi have a
    Ukrainian party girl whose parents are connected to the Ukrainian
    military and government on her staff?  What is going on here?

  37. you all are pretty funny, Trump is the president not Biden, he should have acted like instead of being a god damn criminal. so ya'll need to be quiet and watch.

  38. Sounds like Trump didnt do anything wrong. Shiff made it seem 20times worse. Shiff liedfor a brief moment cbs seemed to be sain but all their guests are pushing the agenda very hard that Trump is bad. Can't take this lying crap no more! These are crazy people, they are blinded by hate of a good man tring to fix a corupt government.

  39. According to the Democrats and mainstream media, under current US election laws, if I am a candidate, I can have all my computer servers installed in foreign countries. I can have all my key people located and working through Canada right across the border. And my rival would be breaking election laws by investigating any of my dealings since he would have to consult foreign sources to do so. What a deal!

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