100 thoughts on “Tucker’s big takeaways from the Trump impeachment saga

  1. Tucker can barely stop himself from laughing. He learned from the best.. Rush.. the master of broadcasting.
    "You don't need to be correct, just tell them the things that validate their lives.." Robert Zimmerman

  2. Presumption only aligns with innocence until Proven guilty. So for the leftie talking heads to apply presumptuous guilt for a Quid Pro Joe is antithetical to our We the people's of this constitutional republic and our attempt and best yet experiment in Democracy. This should tell even the most staunch Trumphaters that the left is anti sovereignty and traitorous.

  3. Just like the lying fantasy that we were pounded with that Hilary was going to win and winning. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!! MSM NEEDS TO FAIL, AS SHOULD THE BUREAUCRACY.

  4. "Objection!! Your Honor…." "The Chairman is leading the witness!" And, when the Chairman doesn't like the answer, he badgers the witness. If that doesn't work, he'll call a recess and have a presser to tell reporters that the witness gave first hand factual evidence against President Trump.

  5. Wow, as an Australian watching the impeachment than watching this, it's obvious this news channel is ridiculously bias. Everything is a conspiracy, everyone is just picking on trump…
    The phone call they are talking about, where trump said " I want no quid pro quo" happened after the whistle blower blew the whistle, so why are they suggesting otherwise?
    Are Americans even watching this hearing? Don't they care if their president breaks the law? This is insanity

  6. Strange people writing these posts. No substance only attacks on people s appearances. This is not going to make America Great Again. This attitude will lead us all to the gutter. Wise up people use your brain instead being led by emotions.

  7. I didn't believe until Annunaki until I saw Adam Shiff's eyes bulge wide open just now. It's like he was trying to mind control ambassador sonland.


  9. It's he said she said high school drama! I don't watch many politics but when I do I get discuss-ted in the bul%#*^ even with the news anchors just reading the story.

  10. It's bribery and extortion. Quid pro quo is the same except both sides agree. Like if Trump held the ALREADY GRANTED MONEY for them to buy corn, pork, something from us, then it would be legal. You can't hold up approved money that's already supposed to be there. Fox, you're messing up….again.

  11. That nasty Democrat , Sondland has really given this theatre his all and doesn't even look embarrassed when he is shot down in flames . Maybe he is on something , besides acute TDS I mean . But wrong Tucker these Dems think that the , sorry , their law , allows them to persecute and prosecute a man because they hate him . 28 th November and Shifty is back on his personal conspiracy of Russian Hoax # 1 . If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes on Fox I wouldn't have believed it , but then , it's Shifty .

  12. The left has lost all credibility among every thinking person…everyone sufficiently curious to no longer simply accept the proven lies they peddle

  13. It is getting to the point of total war for the people of the Constitution. We may march on Washington and arrest these idiots if this does not stop…

  14. Pathetic how they try to impeach presidents Nixon resigned was not impeached did far worse than anything Trump could of done. Clinton was not impeached. Obama allowed banks to steal our deposits if they are going under and he was not impeached. This is a joke Obama should be in jail for legalizing banks the ability to steal depositors money that is way more serious then anything Trump could of done.

  15. If the Dems put half the energy into doing their jobs and making life better for the American citizens as they put into chasing HC's loss. We would be inadequate much better place as a nation. Energy, healthcare,infrastructure,border protection, etc etc etc,

  16. Well Trump & Co. have changed there story soooo many times, it's hard to figure if they are talking about Russia or Ukraine. The new revelations and the most recent court decisions that say Trump is NOT above the law and that he and his minions must testify in front of Congress will finally take the wind out of Trump's sails. Just like Trump overriding the Navy on the Gallagher dismissal, he didn't do it because it was warranted, he did it because he can and that is not leadership that is arrogance and childishness, his only traits. And then there's Rudy Giulliani…..LOL!!

  17. What makes me angry this holiday seasons is how Obama’s millennials disrespects me, and the troops by thinkg they can talk to me about impeachment!
    They werent even ALIVE during the last 50 years, they dont even know the most important events of history, so who gave them the right to talk to me in such a way?

  18. 5:35 tucker got no-neck. catholic priests who likes little boys usually have a no-neck.
    Is it possible someone like tucker would like little boys in this case? could have liking little boys have crossed his mind? we dont know. but it doesnt seem implausible.


  20. If they put even half of this energy into doing something good for the country to help bring us all together, I can’t imagine what we could achieve.

  21. Shifty Schiff was blocked from his dream by his star propagandist (presumer) when Sondland suddenly put the record straight.

  22. When I see Adam Schiff's face I can't help but hear the words treason and firing squad in my head. It's all fun and games until you're found guilty of espionage.

  23. Now guess who will be examining Schiff during the senate hearing? That's right, Trey Gowdy. I spent 50 years as a trial lawyer and Gowdy is the best I have ever seen. Schiff will be schiffing his pants. Gowdy will crucify him.

  24. Sondland is a sleazebag. Did he not hear of the transcript of president Trump's call? And, by his own admission, all he has is "a presumption"? Sounds like a joke.

  25. When you have no policy, or idea to offer. You go for the coup, and then impeachment. When are you going to put America first? We will show up in 2020 and you will lose and deservedly so

  26. We the people can provide services provides by the govt better than the govt. I cant wait until we collectively realize that..

  27. Apparently, presumption is evidence….according to CNN. Lol. Sondlund PRESUMED, and that’s evidence for impeachment. Lol.

  28. If we raised the voting age, never let the millennials vote, this whole impeachment saga would be over, since the liberal media wouldnt have a voting audience. Imagine a better country already

  29. Good God look at the picture of Robert Luskin. That is the picture of a man who lathers himself in lotion & molests collies in his spare time.

  30. Tucker is a complete hack, this is completely out of context and edited around to make it sound like he's right. LISTEN TO THE REAL QUESTIONS?ANSWERS PEOPLE

  31. Not surprised that Tucker is having a hard time following and sadly assumes that is followers will have the same trouble. Sorry Tucker you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  32. Everything DNC Cult states is hear say, presumption, assumption = That leads to False Accusation(s)/Slander/Character Assassination = Pure Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. That’s why no one with half a brain believes the fake news media. CNN is the communist news network. I hate CNN and MSNBC.

  34. OMG FOX ANCHORS ARE DUMBER THAN I THOUGHT XDDDD OMG this is so funny to watch this guy. It's like a comedy show tbh. Lmaooo only braindead morons who still believe in Santa can think there's the slightest amount of intelligence in this hahahahahahahahaha xDDDD oh you guys are DUMB

  35. Democrats are lazy, do nothing, blame shifting, lying, patronizing, worthless, pathological, psychotic, losers. Their Party is a hostile occupying force illegally embedded in the body of our Republic and at some time it'll have to be surgically extracted. With extreme prejudice.

  36. Schiff and the Ed Brock sodomist drug house, where 2 homless men was killed and 3th just escaped. Ed Brock great filantrop for husein kilary, kamala schiff (who visit Ed's drug hous 16 time).Schiff is under federal investigation. In the morning congresman in the evening sodomist player.

  37. So now Trump is guilty because of an opinion that some guy had?! Wow, if that's the case then we should get rid of all the Dems in the House and Senate as I presume that they are guilty of treason! On top of that I also presume that the "News Media" Outlets that are running on this whole "Quid Pro Quo" thingamajig are in fact lying so as to turn Americans against each other so that they can profit during the next "Civil War"; ie they are treasonous. Jail time for them i presume!

  38. This is what a coup looks like in real life. So many countries all over the world went through that many times over. Now it’s our turn to become a modern nation!!👏👏👏

  39. Nice try Repukelicans! 🤮 When Sondlan quoted Trump as saying "I want nothing, no quid pro, just do the right thing"! … the Whistleblower complaint had been filed and Trump had been made aware of it. This "phone call" with Sondlan was a scripted misdirection by Trump! And of course all you God-fearing, Peace-loving, Jesus-praying, Baby-saving, Family values FRAUDS fell for it!!! Y'all are just too stupid! 😄
    Two kinds of Republicans:
    1. Millionaires
    2. Suckers!
    You know which category you fall under! 🤪

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