U.S. Braces For More Coronavirus Cases | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “U.S. Braces For More Coronavirus Cases | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Trump and the repugnicans need to go to China and see first hand where the Corona virus started. Visit the fake patients and see where all of the fake news came from.Go catch it and see if it will really make you sick. T trump go find out for yourself.

  2. I am a MEDICAL DOCTOR and I sincerely hope that none of the Anchor on FOX NEWS or a member of DONALD TRUMP family contract the CORONAVIRUS. I think only then this PRESIDENT will take this seriously.

  3. Note to Frm. Rep. Anton Gunn – Attention DNC WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Choose Who We Want To Represent Us American's As PRESIDENT ! N If You The DNC "STEAL" The Nomination From Bernie Sanders AGAIN, We Will Vote For Traitor trump N LET YOU The DNC Deal With HIM….. AGAIN ! ! !

  4. The ability of FoxPravda to simultaneously shout bullying, bragging arrogance AND a whining persecution complex takes one's breath away. They combine the qualities of a Communist State Propaganda channel with the snivelling of abject cowards. But isn't that exactly what Trumpism is all about?

  5. trump doesn't lead he plays the blame game. How is it democrats fault? how is it the media's fault ? All these trumpsters need to get a grip on reality. This virus is coming we need accurate info and leadership and I don't think pence is cut out for this job unless he's gonna prey it away. Good luck with that pence. For now keep your hands clean ( which isn't going to help trump ) and listen to your health care professionals not trump.

  6. this democratic-leaning student of idiots and their behavior waits to see the moron down some hemlock.
    lotsa and lotsa gallons.

  7. Everyone stay educated on this virus. A virus is not a political issue, its a health issue that people should be aware of for their own well being and to reduce panic as well. Also, follow emergency preparedness processes and that will help as well. Here are some websites that are reporting reliable information:

  8. America land of the wage slave . how many will die because they cant afford to take off work or the doctor bill?

  9. Hannity is the biggest along with the most working with FOX are the greatest idiots. No wonder that FOX is the medium of the Republicans. A contingent of jackasses. America has become exactly what George Bernard Shaw said to American journalists who visited him when he lay dying. He was asked his opinion of the Americans. He said that 50% are fools. What about the other 50%? They are wise. Republicans belong to the first 50%. Trump is a stinking lackey of the Russians and has already made the Republicans into a followers' party. For Godsake get rid of this pig.

  10. Trump lies and keep saying there are 15 cases when there are actually over 60 cases now confirmed in the United States of Coronavirus. No responsible human being would say, let's see how it plays out with a person that let AIDS run rampant in Indiana and ability to adjust. Adapt or even understand the repercussions of his decisions from what he had learned from scientists and knew to be fact over belief . Mike Pence Is the poetry? But being that Donald Trump made that decision He's made some bad decisions regarding American citizens and their safety. . He wants to give all his friends to job in the plane. When she goes downhill, we need to get more professional responsible Adults in the room that can do the job that they are expected to do for the safety of our country.

  11. The joke is 88% of USA labs can't even detect the Virus.
    Whose fault is that? Trumps or previous Admins. I would say Admins going back 20 years.
    USA idiots criticising China.
    It turns out as usual the USA with its shocking Health System is not prepared at all.
    Only 12% of Labs can successfully test for the Virus. A handful.
    The USA is a Joke! I can see it in a month or so if the Virus does take off in the USA.
    They will be importing Test Kits from China. Lab Equipment from China. Masks and Hospital gear from China.
    Thats the USA! Oh! But its all Chinas fault. How will Trash media like this somehow blame Russia also! I imagine they are working on it!

  12. Are anyone doubting that they act like a state media for any dictator.
    Its a recipe for a stealth outbreak this happens before in China.
    That's why Pence is now in charge now.
    His plan: Praying for a miracle with mother?
    Damm I am lucky to be I. Europe where we already woke up even when it is may be to late at least we are testing.

  13. Trump supporters believe fox news and trump, it may take a few of them getting this virus to wake them up,not die but be sick as H**L,if that doesn't work may God help this country

  14. You mean the post calling it The Trump Virus isn't liberals blaming Trump? Bloombergs new commercial also blames Trump!

  15. NONE of what Hannity was rabbiting on about contained even the smallest shred of reality. NOBODY, Democrat or otherwise, has ever said people were going to "all die in the next 48 hours". Etc. It's simply astounding that Fox calls itself a news channel. They're simply using the corona virus to be able to peddle outrageous fiction.

  16. This is going to end up more dangerous here in the US because Trump and his cultists are all crying and denying and stirring up hype. When it becomes a pandemic here, people won’t trust what they hear and it will cause more harm than anywhere…because of alternative truth and conspiracy theories.

  17. Man, he can’t pay it off… to go away. He can’t lie for it to go away. He can’t put an actual scientist in charge of it, that would go against the entire GOP platform. The man sat there and argued with an actual doctor about MEDICAL FACTS. MEDICAL… FACTS! This bloated, vile, inept, poorly educated, corrupt, lying sexual predator, con man then puts PENCE in control of this issue. Mike “I caused an HIV OUTBREAK AS GOVERNOR” PENCE!

    We are sincerely living in colossally stupid times… and it’s all thanks to a grossly ignorant and gullible minority group of voters.

  18. The United States should be far more concerned about the deteriorating mental state of its elected leaders than any viral outbreak. I have never seen such greed, incompetence and stupidity come together in a section of a population like this in any part of the world, ever. It staggers the imagination and it's not just this health emergency, it's the climate science denial, the hypocrisy, the lies, the vaccine denial, the flag waving bible bashing stupidity of so much of the USA over the last three years. You are truly a nation of morons.

  19. This sense of collective victimhood does not serve well to inoculate Faux News viewers from the actual virus. It's morally repugnant to espouse this whole 'deep state' they're just out to get us nonsense. This speaks so profoundly to the pathology in the republicult party. Reagan took the same posture with HIV/AIDS in the 80's. It did not work out well.

  20. The following are all current FACTS, based on accounts reported by governments and social medias relaying AND reality of SEEING, with your OWN eyes, watching and investigating 'if' you do. Some are round about numbers on the day, as they are changing rapidly, within the WEEK (7 days), or so, from 'very' low infections then till today.
    Common acceptance of fatality rate 2-3 percent 'TREATED' medically with reliable health systems.
    EG; best source, Italy (today), 821 infected, 21 fatality = 2.5% (close approx), fatality rate.
    This is from one of the best (or best), medical and support systems in the world.
    Iran; OFFICIAL release of figures with poor medical and support system (to my knowledge), 388 infected, 34 fatalaties = 9.5% fatality rate (close approx).
    Going by Italy (because of its medical system, total), South Korea has esculated to approximately (from Friday 28th results) 1700 odd infections with reatively low fatalities, 11 (in that ball park), which is unusual considering others results, though there it is.
    China; look and deduce yourself.
    These are official TREATED released results.
    So TREATED 2-3% (good medical and health structure), fatalities.
    Infection rate based on comparison of seasonal flu (Infl) x3 of.
    Bedding rate 20%.
    RE-INFECTION RATE- 14% based on Chinese official reports of infected people.
    China used DRACONIAN LAWS and citizens OBEYED.
    With all the precautions, spaying of disinfectants, masks, personal health, self and government isolation and quarrantine, these are the results.
    These are FACTS based on reports (official), government release.
    Even with these rates it will devestate nations economies, take care away from all other sick (entailing ALL related health problems), accidents, natural disasters and so on.
    At these rates hospitals will be inundated.
    FACT. FACT. FACT; it sheds, infects while in icubation stage of (officially, OFFICIALLY recognized), 14 days.
    UNOFFICIAL though reported fatalities;
    Iran 210 as today.
    In CHINA……..who knows??!
    It is very infectious.
    Questions; are your governments prepared?
    Is your medical and health system appropriate to reduce deaths?
    Will your economy hold up?

  21. Possible case in Oregon. Person had symptoms of illness 19 Feb. Possibly exposed staff and students at a Elementary school he spent time at. Has no idea where he would have caught it – he has not recently traveled to a country where it is circulating, and has not had contact with anyone that is a confirmed case. Classed as home grown “community-transmitted”. https://www.kptv.com/news/state-officials-announce-first-presumptive-case-of-coronavirus-in-oregon/article_6ac26688-5a93-11ea-a0af-d346d4e06ef0.html
    Keep safe!

  22. Jesus. People like Hannity, Kellyanne Conway, Laura Ingraham, lou Dobbs, are just unapologetic concentrated poison to humanity.

  23. Does the truth matter about Bernie? You are hypocrites. no one believes your BS. You might tell the truth 2 times a day, but so does a broken clock. For real news go to #TYT, #majorityreport, #statuscoup, #rationalnational

  24. Ask the Korean government for testing kits. They currently have the ability to test 10,000 people per day, and they recently developed a kit that can give results in 7 mins. Self test kits are also coming out soon. The scary thing about this virus is that you carry this without any symptoms for the first few weeks. We are so underprepared.

  25. Do you remember all them people you called crazy conspiracy theorists years and years ago ….. Here we go — This is Population Control to make a world government.

  26. Trump only cares about the stock market. He couldn’t care less about his people and because of his wealth imagines himself immune.

  27. Its Murdoch who's the big culprit in this, Dont trust the Doctors, its as simple as keeping your immune system healthy.
    People eat too much fast foods, and processed foods which causes vulnerability.

  28. This time covering up facts and denying science might cost innocent American’s lives! We don’t have the luxury to debate, blame others, trying to pray things away or hoping to be able to act when it’s too late. It’s not time to panic but to consciously get ready for coming events – WHO announced that is only a question of when and how well we will be prepared by then.

  29. Idiots! 36,000 die from the flu each year in the USA. You say nothing about it. 2,800 die in China and you lose your mind. Sorry idiots this is not Katrina never will be.
    You guys can jack around with the Bat Flu scare panic all you want. But in the end you will end up looking stupid just like you did for your Avenatti fetish. Idiots!

  30. I tried to buy the medical masks today, and after visiting stores, Walmmark, Walgreen Target CVS, they all told me they are out of stocks, and we are in a emergency situation that the Coronavirus is to out break, while we have no medical mask available to the people , and you can not get those critical medical devices any where , what this is all about ? What Trump and his administration is doing to protect the people in the last one month ? They just sit there doing nothing and let people die ? we have lost of people died of flue in 2019 and many of them may die of Coronoavirus , but because up to then last week US still did not have the tool to test , and all people died with running nose, coughing are all counted as flu patients , I have neve seen such incapable and irresponsible president

  31. If Trump is incapable or does not know how to lead in times of emergency, I suggest he just step down by himself, and let people who are able to do the job to be in that position . We do not need a president staying in the WH everyday just watch Fax TV and do nothing or can not do anything due to lacking of knowledge and capability

  32. ​COVID-19 is not a HOAX… It has spread to over 50+ countries and has several thousands of confirmed cases. This is a Global Pandemic..#TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus

  33. Poetic justice would be for the coronavirus to break out in the FOX news building. It would be a Democrat plot, yes?

  34. Fox news is not a news channel its a. Nasty propaganda channel. This is a world wide problem. Get real this needs the truth so just for once speak the truth. Think of the whole of America. Let politics go for the near future.

  35. I am happy that there are still honest docters in the USA, to tell about the real problems. Corona virus is real. It will not go away by lying about it. Neither it will go away through praying or hoping the best. Open and honest information about the facts.

  36. Trumps crying Hoax…..nobody is rooting for this virus to spread…The Fox crew and Trump are losers…morons…
    Why are they crying foul when we have a real problem we are facing? These are the folks who think they are right. Fox and trump should be crushed and forgotten about..

  37. Trump being the biggest victim in the history of the White House, making it all about him again while signing a cowardly peace deal with Taliban. Trump sucking any autocratic dictators like Putin, Kim Jung, and now Taliban. What a despicable human being.

  38. Nothing can be as disastrous as having Trump, the Psychopath, as President. Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

  39. Simplest advice (note: will not protect you 100%): Wash hands and use hand sanitizer often, especially after touching surfaces in public areas. Don't touch your face, mouth or nose. The virus particles stay airborne for only a short period of time, and then fall and attach to surfaces. They remain active for a long time if not sanitized. Gloves and masks can help too….but the first point of keeping your hands clean is really key.

  40. To meet the press, since you have the best outreach to most Americans, please let the country know the truth about the spread of this virus before it's too late to get it controlled. Give the real facts, not the bs the White House is portraying

  41. Hindoos devotees across the nation are talking about building Temples dedicated to the Chosen One in every city and to inaugurate a life size Idol of the living god just like that of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon. Stools from Trump will be collected, burned into ashes and processed into Holy amulet for sales. Wearing the charm will protect worshippers from Evils and Bad lucks like meeting an asymptomatic Superspreader of Corona virus.

  42. i tried to lay in extra drugs—–my insurance company said "no you can't because it is too soon to refill". May every insurance company pill counter get the disease and die!

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