UNSC में KASHMIR पर China-Pakistan दोनों बुरी तरह फंसे || सैयद अकबरुद्दीन ||

What happened in the United Nations meeting
on Kashmir issue
Going to Un me, Pakistan along with Pakistan
got trapped badly and when Syed Akbaruddin
taxed the Pakistani Journalist in UN SC, I
will also talk about how he trolled in front
of everyone.
The UN Security Council held a closed door
meeting and it also won India’s diplomatic
victory. In this meeting, there was to be
talk about the abolition of article 370, which
gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir,
Pakistan and India did not attend this meeting
because these two Countries are not members
of the UN Security Council.
The Security Council has 15 members, out of
which 5 are PERMANENT and 10 TEMPORARY. In
PERMANENT MEMBER, except China, France, Russia,
Britain and the United States have already
called Kashmir as an internal MATTER and settled
it with Bilateral dialogue. At the same time,
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had a telephone
conversation with US President Donald Trump
on the Kashmir issue for 12 minutes before
the meeting. Imran called Trump to discuss
Kashmir and Afghanistan. Indian Ambassador
to SECURITY COUNCIL Syed Akbaruddin said that
the issue of Article 370 is an internal MATTER
and it has nothing to do with outsiders. He
said that the recent decision of the Government
of India is for the economic, social development
there .. During this time, Akbaruddin also
targeted Pakistan. He said that a country
is talking about jihad and violence and violence
cannot solve any issue. is. If Pakistan wants
to talk to India, then it must first stop
What did China say?
After the meeting, China’s Ambassador to the
Security Council, Zhang Jun, said that the
member countries are also concerned about
the human rights situation there .. and the
members are also of the general opinion that
the concerned parties should avoid taking
any unilateral steps which will lead to more
tension Go up. Because the tension there is
already too much and too dangerous. During
this time, China also raised the issue of
Ladakh. He said that Article 370 has also
withdrawn from Ladakh and considers it an
attack on its sovereignty. Friends, we have
to understand here
It is also strong for China to support the
pakistaan ​​because all the superpowers
of the world are calling Kashmir an internal
matter of India and advising both sides to
resolve it but China is supporting Pakistan
by citing violation of human rights. It is
because he has invested crores in Pakistan
and hence he has the compulsion to obey Pakistan.
The issue of Kashmir is also a sore throat
for China as it is also occupied by Akasai
Chin in some parts of Kashmir. If any decision
of the Security Council comes, it will become
stronger for China to believe
the manner in which India’s Ambassador to
the UN Syed Akbaruddin explained India’s stand
in front of the media, he is getting a lot
of applause. There was an occasion when, in
response to a question by the Pakistani Journalists,
Akbaruddin responded in his own way and forced
people to laugh.
First Pakistani Journalist given a chance
to go ahead for handshake
The manner in which Akbaruddin responded to
this was indeed shocking to the Pakistani
media. Really fun but
See, the question is big and important also,
will Pakistan believe human rights rules?
Political analyst believes that Pak is trapped
in Security Council. It will also have to
follow the rules made by the Security Council
on human rights for the people in the POK.
In such a situation, the Pakistani law on
Gilgit Baltistan last year will also get a
The Kashmir Security issue was last raised
in the Security Council in the UN Security
Council records from 1969-1971. Earlier in
1964-65, the issue was heard on the demand
of Pakistan under the agenda ‘The India Pakistan
Question’. However, both times Pakistan was
This morning a big update came that phone
service and internet services were banned
there before the removal of Section 370 from
Jammu and Kashmir, but now the situation is
normal, since the phone and internet services
should start in Jammu and Kashmir from Saturday.
She went. However, in Jammu, internet services
can be availed with 2G speed. Apart from Jammu,
Internet services have been resumed in Kathua,
Samba, Udhampur with 2G speed. Apart from
this, all the schools and colleges and government
offices in the state have also been directed
to open from Monday 19 August.
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33 thoughts on “UNSC में KASHMIR पर China-Pakistan दोनों बुरी तरह फंसे || सैयद अकबरुद्दीन ||

  1. Both sides India n Pakistan are claiming their victory . Pakistan has succeeded to bring Kashmir issue in limelight after 50 years. It’s India’s failure.

  2. INI News. For the first time you have said something favourable to Modi govt., although indirectly, by praising our Permenant Representative at the UN HQ.
    You are right. Whole of India is praising Indian Ambassador. Mr. Syed Akbaruddin for his excellent performance at the Reporters' Q&A session. Pak is claiming China's support as their victory, but 12 other nations including four Veto holders, without criticizing India only repeated their advice to resolve the Kashmir dispute by bilatetal discussions.
    Jai Hind. Jai NaMo

  3. Pakistan nahi fasa, at least usne Kashmir ka mudda internationalise kiya aur 50 sal me paheli bar UN me le kar gaye. Ye Bharat ki har hai, aage dekho Bharat ke viruddh bahut kuch honewala hai. Modi ek joot bolnewale criminal EVM PM Modi. I'm not proud of evil Modi Government and their supporters. Bharat ko sajah jarur milegi sirf Modi government ki wajah se.

  4. Chutiyee Indian's kise duniya ma rehty ho.peeshap pene wali.qoum cow mata ka.or aqal.use kr chutiyee india kitna zalil hogy puri duniya mai khushiya.tu asy mana rhy jise pakistan fathy kr lye chutiya log fiker kroo.khalistan free nagaland congres azadi ….lolzz ghatiya qoum toot rha hy indiaa

  5. Bhai AAP v Baki sab midiya ki treh dlali kerne lage ho……bhut glet bat hai AAP se ye ummed nahi thi

  6. Tum se ye ummid Nahi thi are bak bak Kashmiri ko jail me dala hai ye nazar Nahi Aaya choro Pakistan ko mai unsubscribe Kar Raha hu

  7. most hilarious is chinese minister comment, about human rights😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣imran bali ka bakra ban gaya ab modi poora kashmir pok samet baluchistaan sab kuch lelega

  9. Dekh lo godi medeawalo UN councils mai hamare bahadur muslim rajdoot nai MUSLIM kai tour per NAHI balki aik rastrabhakt hindustani kai tour per China or pak kai napak mansube per pani fer diya. Hame garv hai iss BHARAT Mata kai saput per. Kya godi medeawale hindu muslim per debate karana band karnge. Kya 135 caror ki abadi mai MODI or Amit SAH se koi sawal puchane wala hai ki band karo ye ferjy rastrawad ki tatha.sayad NAHI..

  10. Kya bharat chaina kai sath vyapar samjhoutno per puna vichar karega. Samay aa raha hai samast janta savdhan HO jao pakistan se jyada khatarnak chaina hai hamare samarik surakcha or arthika surakcha kai liye..buycott karo chaina kai saman ka puri tarah…

  11. Are u feeling shame Now !!
    You know your accepted that Kashmir is disputed are.
    Do not misguide peoples u must closely watch then make videos, views or whatever you want

  12. Sabhi aapni aapni roti sekh raha hain up aapni roti sekh rohe ho.. atsha lagega agar up bhi cauvery calling ko leke ak video bonaye toh kob tok ye bc politicians ki bate korte rohogi soro bc politicians ki bato ko..

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