VILLAGER (and Pillager?) NEWS

[MUSIC] Villager
Breaking news.
An update has swept the realm,
changing villager life forever.
But one villager refuses to
embrace our new way of life.
Here’s Villager Number
Nine with more info.
Thank you, Villager Number Five.
Fellow citizen, why don’t
you want the update?
Everybody loves the update, why don’t you want to update?
But I do want the update.
Are you against the update?
Have you even tried the update?
But I am getting the update.
What about the new features?
Do you think you’re better than us?
What? I didn’t say any of that.
We thought you might say that.
So we made this video for you.
Welcome to the most
Villager-friendly update ever!
There’s campfires, berry bushes.
There’s Taiga Villages,
Desert Villages.
Tundra Villages.
Savannah Villages.
Villagers all over the
realm are loving life!
Thanks to the update,
I got a job as an armorer.
Look at all this stuff.
The update gave me a
whole bunch of new trade.
And look – we have levels now!
Gotta find a bed! Gotta find a bed! Agghhh!
Yes, we all have new
jobs now. I’m a farmer.
Hey, get off my crop!
Shoo! Get away! Ugh, nitwits!
Any bad thing?
No, no, the update is
the greatest thing to
happen to villager kind!
See how much better
your life could be!
Get the Village & Pillage update today!
Uh, the Village and what?
Doesn’t it look great?
Uh, did that say “Pillage”?
Sir, will you be updating now?
Well, there you have
it. Another citizen
satisfied with the update.
Thank you, Villager Number Nine.
The Village & Pillage Update is out now.
Have you updated yet?
Not you, them!
Villager News.

13 thoughts on “VILLAGER (and Pillager?) NEWS

  1. I love how the animation has more blocky movement i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wonder how did they make a different boice for the video

  2. I wish they could make a game mode or tool that allows u to turn into any mob big and small any powerful ones ?????? that would make awesome history for Minecraft

  3. Illagers:raid the village and kill all the villagers
    Villager&Narrator:See how much better your life could be? This is the greatest thing to happen to villager kind!

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