100 thoughts on “WaPo: Dems worry about next steps with impeachment

  1. Wasn't CNN Panel and Guest telling Pelosi should hold it indefinitely??? Now it has to be next week while POTUS is focused on foreign affairs… Get ur stories straight fake news

  2. Is there anybody sane at the Democratic Party? Pelosi Nadler Schummer and Schiithead have destroyed whatever there was of the party. Don't worry Pocahontas will save them. Trump's ratings are now higher than Obama's at the same time in office. Maybe they should impeach him again. Does Anderson remind you of a Vampire? He looks like he hasn't had his drink of blood lately. Boy, do we miss Obama, where is he anyway?

  3. Iran is in bed with Iraq to circumvent sanctions.
    Why did the Iraqi prime minister attend solimani's funeral?
    Iraq likes to take our money and still hate us.

  4. I don't give a fuck what WAPO/Bezos thinks about Dems. He's as Right wing as it gets and bought WAPO to use as his mouth piece.

  5. Democrats are a complete joke. They don't have a chance next election.
    Open borders , tranny everything , job killers , war vs russia, child sex changes etc…..

  6. The only useful used of WaPo it's to clean your ass, Bugs Bunny re-runs have better ratings than this loser show!

  7. Ahhahhaa the liberals and democrats are soooo fn dumb 😂
    I can't take it any more it's embarrassing to watch these loons do this to themselves please liberals stopp

  8. Illiteracy: More than 1/2 of Democrats polled actually believed that Trump was removed from office immediately, once the House Impeached him.

  9. Pig andy whan was that not the case, son of aPig… I"v watch Trump speaks at the Evengeligals coalation an i will tell You something Pig those gods peoples have curse You sinners from CNN, CBS,MSNBC an the Democratic party for lying to the american people. An they all will vote Trump, They"ve seen Enough an they will spread from church to church.

  10. Now he makes  Democrats defend  IRAN – Thats brilliant 

    How can  the left say  that the Iranian General  Solamani  was a bad man / HATE the man  BUT not want him dead ???? 

    His hate for the USA will never end no matter how much you pay ??

    The left prefers to pay CASH for its  safety like ZERO  did  ???

    Only a full coward  – mouse-  chicken, scaredy-cat, yellow-belly, sissy, baby, candy-ass, would do that ??? 

    CNN is showing / holding a memorial  service for the  killer of AMERICANS   and fanning  the flames of  Retaliation and indicating  we are at WAR  ??? 

    Is IRAN promising revenge or is CNN promising revenge ??

    CNN is showing  the plan / path saying to stir up the hornets nest ??

    This is why the Left  judgement is  unfit to govern – unfit for service –  unqualified, -unsuitable,  – Not cut out for –  Not up to it – I’am not  in the Cult of cowards  ?? 

    Cause this cult of cowards  soon become victims   to those who do not  comply ???

    The DON has sent a message ???

  11. I thought democrats wanted to impech trump why is pelosi still haven't pass the report to the Senate? Does she afraid it gonna backfire back on the democrats 🤔😂😂.

  12. Great news everyone. The Senate just started measures to dismiss the articles of impeachment. What a great day for America. The dems are finally getting exposed for what they are. Liars,cheats and satanists

  13. Trump 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  14. There is absolutely nothing saying the house has to turn them over. Remember Merrick Garland? Fuck McConnell, hold them.

  15. This show is terrible, ratings must stink…. When are they gonna cancel the series? It can't be to soon, it's like groundhogs day with fake bombshell dudes going off every minute.

  16. McConnell needs to send a message to the angry Democrats and any additional frivolous impeachments in the future and dismiss this partisan impeachment with a simple majority vote.

  17. It is worrying to see how much you Americans got to a point of insensitivity toward bad politicians: and this is going on since sixteen years ago when I was fifteen years old and I was only starting to care about politics enough as to understand what there is on the other side of the Atlantic.
    Probably it is the effect of a different impeachment than the one we live now: the Clinton Lewinsky scandal seem to have been the first step toward the nowadays USA's entire public opinion carelessness regarding outrageous politicians and bad politics.
    I'm Swiss and Trump here at this point would have 3 or more impeachments on him. The actual one, one for the emoluments plus corruption, one for the deliberate and unauthorized act of war on Iran and he would probably get an impeachment solely for the way he attacks the own states of his Federation. Here that alone, the bashing of Cantons or Swiss cities, would be enough as to rise impeachment shadows if one of our seven Federal Councillors would do any of the madness Trump does regularly.

  18. CNN angry President didn't consult them before airstrikes and then there's the cancelled Media XMAS party at WH.
    CNN 2020 another whiningggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggyear

  19. WAPO wacka whacka wackup. The Impeachment was so last decade even though it didn’t happen. Didn’t because it was never filed. Get a traffic ticket and cop doesn’t turn in to file, it’s not on your record as it doesn’t exist beyond you and the writer

  20. Now is the time to get rid of the mentally unstable zealot and get someone who has the mental capacity to fix this problem caused by Trump

  21. Donald Trump is quoted several times saying " Obama will attack Iran to get reallected. " People are already forgetting about the impeachment. Hahahahaha.

  22. They probably should have started by not being disingenuous party hacks, which would mean telling the "orange man bad" crowd to grow up. Obviously it's a dangerous proposition for a democrat politician to tell a group of delusional left wing extremists "no". I guess they weighed their options and decided they didn't like their odds of moderates outnumbering the extremists.

  23. Russia: How do we help Iran and divide the US, even more, at the same time?
    CNN: Don't worry we got this under control.

  24. Imagine if Iran had assassinated the US Vice President while he was traveling in a Canadian airport. That's the equivalent of what happened. It is the duty of conscious citizens to stand up and say, Not in our name! American citizens should not tolerate such devilry from our own

  25. … IMPEACHMENT next step = EXPULSION of the USA's 1st and only FAKE President – do not be distracted by TRump's irresponsible antics!

  26. U -Unhinged
    S – Senile
    A – Amatures
    That is literally what USA has become under Donkey Jerk Chump presidency. If the Dems and the People does nothing to remove him, Donkey Chump will literally starts the next World War. North Korea KJU will not just sit back & watch this assassination of the Iranian General. He might just take action on his own and send his belated Xmas gift to the White House…

  27. The reason they worry is they have no case and never had one in the first place. Fake news and down with CNN. Trump 2020.

  28. Theyre just trying to figure out what shape theyre next illegal witch hunt will take. I think theyve literally ran out of lies!

  29. Drumpf is a POS fake pissident traitor. Impeachment won't change that. Hang him on the WH and ship the body back to Putin.

  30. Lol are you people for real this iran crap just started heres cooper using it as excuse why they dont continue impeachment what a joke people see these lies easy

  31. You mean when they first started screaming impeachment ,

    First impeachment vote. 1/17/19
    Trumps first call to Ukraine. 1/25/19

    Ukraine Argument Fails

  32. Democrats are worried about sending articles to senate because they are scared to death of the pure embarrassment that will ensue when they get Biden to testify about his own version of 'quid pro quo' the same crime they are accusing their President of.

  33. Impeachment is like Game of Thrones. It was all good on the build up only to let most of everyone down once it reaches the final season episode.

  34. Trump planned this crises to get him out of Senate impeachment and slam down the news. This man is lowest of the low.

  35. Ughhh your news are so bad! You people need to find a different career! I rather get my news from the Europeans this days

  36. Dont worry Trump can do more than one thing at a time. Im sure he is ready to slam you Democrats in a moments notice so enjoy your trial because after that Trump will be coming for you all.

  37. Dems should've handled going into impeachment as if they where adults and not conducting a partisan political coup like impatient spoiled children.

  38. We can impeach and watch the world burn at the same time. Please proceed with the double and triple impeachment President Pelosi.

  39. I can picture Sen. Schumer saying on Monday "If it weren't for the Iran situation, we'd vote Trump out in a heartbeat!"

  40. It should say "Dems worry about everything, every minute of every day, screaming that the sky is falling until it happens so they can fulfill their prophecy of doom"

  41. Punk ass democrats…just do your job please! Trump is going to try any and everything to get out of being held accountable! His crooked as GOP will back his play regardless😠

  42. Worry about getting HUNG FOR TREASON that's what they are worrying about Globalists must be Rooted out of my country 🇺🇸

  43. Nobody is worried about impeachment other than CNN….useless idiots. Start looking at health epidemic and wealth inequality….

  44. Unstable genius successfully created a distraction with Unstable turmoil in the world because it was enough turmoil as is at home. Recent South Korea impeachment of president is a great example of how democracies do not tolerate crimes any more.

  45. Well!? Mr. Fancypants…
    "99% of the American public." –
    Are you one of US?

  46. Democrats cannot address impeachment and war at the same time.
    Donald Trump can play golf, defend the nation, take out terrorists, and much much more while enjoying two scoops of ice — all at the same time.
    If you want peace prosperity and freedom vote Republican.

  47. Breaking News: Today, Senator Linsey Graham is introducing a Proposal to change Senate Rules that will TOTALLY cut Pelosi, and House Democrats, out of the equation by giving Pelosi until Friday to submit the Articles of Impeachment and if she fails to do, the Senate will vote on Monday to Dismiss the Articles of Impeachment for lack of prosecution. The Proposed Senate Rules change is slated to pass!

  48. Hey Mitch McConnell, remember when you denied a SCOTUS confirmation hearing to Merrick Garland because it was too close to 2016 elections? Nancy Pelosi should delay giving the impeachment to the Senate for a trial until the 2020 elections are over.
    ….ha ha Mitch, what goes around comes around.

  49. Someone please confirm this…..heard a few weeks ago about a Constitutional lawyer that said until the Articles are delivered Trump has NOT been impeached yet.

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