Watch Live: Trump Hosts Turkey’s Erdogan At The White House | NBC News

35 thoughts on “Watch Live: Trump Hosts Turkey’s Erdogan At The White House | NBC News

  1. Ok just gonna say this: WTF is the president of a democratic nation doing telling the reporter who's chosen to ask Erdogan a question, that he wants a friendly reporter/question? Then afterwards asking her if she's sure she doesn't work for the Turkish government because of the question she asked. Somewhere close to 26:30

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    The Armenian Genocide was the systematic mass extermination and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians within the Ottoman Empire by the Ottoman government from approximately 1914 1923.

  3. We don't need the Terrororganisation NATO and the USA. They are not our allies i hope we leave in soon the NATO. If they are a Partner of us like Trump it say why are they selling weapons to terror groups like ypg and pkk which we are fighting? Don't trust never USA and never cooperate with them better make deals and cooperations with Russia.

  4. Atatürk and John F. Kennedy are the best leaders both countries ever had, on first thought the World ever had. Turkey and US have been allies since the beggining of times;)

    “Peace at home, Peace in the world!”

  5. I as a Turk. Love the human being. I love the US. and i love the Kurds as a human being. I hope we solve all our ideological differences as soon as possible and cal each other brothers once and for ever. Loves to everyone who reads this message.

  6. Erdogan = Saddam = Usame b. Ladin = Baghdadi = FSA = SNA = ISIS = Daesh = El Nusra = El Qaeda = Ulkucu organziation = Selephian = Jihadist groups = Terrorism

  7. Erdogan is responsible for GENOCIDE along with ISRAEL, NO KOREA, RUSSIA…Trump loves all these murderers. Trump thinks caliphate is another name for cauliflower.

  8. You know they don't represent the Kurds. They are subcontracting to Israel. 350000 Kurdish opposition took refuge to Turkey controlled by the PKK / YPG. They are evacuating the region and trying to build a military base for Israel and the United States. Welcome to the real world.

  9. Trump it the worst usa president ever he is businessman he dont know what is politics he sold usa in syria to russia and iran and turkey and leave kurdish forces in there they fight isis many years but turkey support isis so turkey is terrorist

  10. Trump has been sent by God! Good prevails! Evil liberals destroy everything including themselves!
    #KAG ?? ?? ? ? ❤️ ❤️

  11. Clearly this station can't figure out how to mute the original speaker so you can understand the interpreter. Lousy!!!

  12. I can never understand how a 24/7 news station just can’t seem to find the time to show the entire press conference ??‍♀️ I guess it’s hard to tell people how to think if you’re just letting them watch and decide for themselves without the all powerful and knowing elite masters commenting. Junk News ✌?

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