100 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump Claims Whistleblower Made Up “False Story” Despite Testimony Supporting Report

  1. Trump and GOP unashamedly lie. I love watching him riggle though. Everyone makes up stories about me, says the liar in Chief.

  2. Republican's seeking to uncover and expose the legally protected Federal whistleblower should be charged and sent to prison
    Trump's act to unmask this Federal employee after all reports have proven true, is another crime that should halt Trump in minutes….not months as president!
    America rise up an be heard!
    Stop this organized crime ring Trump has installed inside and outside the White House!
    Stop the Republican's who support Trump's surrender of this nation to Russians we now see…who have passed out Russian cash in the $$Hundreds of Millions to Trump and select Republican's since 2015.
    Stop Trump's sell-out of America!

  3. The third person inside Trump is the one telling him he's great.
    It's proves he"s insane!
    There may be as many as 9 different people living inside that orange globe you see as his head!
    Scary…we should let him go to a safe place like the Federal facility known as Leavenworth Prison. They have a special room with softly padded walls.
    He and his 8 other personalities will be just fine there, chanting and ranting all day long ….just like he's doing now.
    It's best…trust me!

  4. MSNBC and CNN don’t care about the public these 2 former news agencies aren’t news anymore, they have less credit than the gossip magazines

  5. So we should only believe Trump, who's own Lt Colonel said ALTERED THE RELEASED TRANSCRIPT? And who refuses to any interviews, or questions? This guy is a fat, lying, turd sack…Period!
    The phone call was soooo Perfect, they had to hide it on a secret server??? NO, I don't believe you!

  6. Looks like the Mango Mussolini really wants to find out who the whistleblower is…it seems like he is taunting the media to do the leg work, apparently his "people" can't do it 😂😂😂

  7. FALSE!!! The Ambassador to Ukraine had stated UNDER OATH, That She was told to say good things about Trump via Twitter…
    If she wanted to keep her job! Yes that's right…Trump is Quid Pro Quo-ing his way through his entire horrid presidency!

  8. The media, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, the deep state… Winnie-the-Pooh… all conspired against ME!

  9. YDMF it's against the law to report The whistleblower that's why you're in trouble now breaking the law what are you have to hide

  10. This guy got rid of so many people, but kept someone from the Obama administration. Trump fired life time friends but kept someone that worked with the guy he said wasn't an American. Yeah right!!!!

  11. Why is there no comment with a thumps down it's like they want you to hate trump zero space for pro trump comments in here it seems

  12. whistle blower is going down with Brennan who is without a paddle on SHITZ Creek. The whistle blower is Brennan s last chance to stay out of jail.

  13. Trump will win in 2020 and it will be a landslide. No one believes the biased New York and California media cowards except inept Dem supporters. NY abd California never ran the USA and they never will.

  14. LOL…. Trump's double talk is going into overdrive such that even HE can't keep up with the BS coming out of his mouth.

  15. Everyone is a "never Trumper" or "an Obama person" if they challenge Trump, according to Trump.
    Trump is a proven liar and a con artist.
    The whistleblower's identity does not need to be revealed as long as there is evidence that corroborates what was said… which there was.

    I wish they would impeach and remove him and I also hope he finally goes to jail for all the scams he has done prior to becoming POTUS.

  16. What's new? He always lies, and blame somebody, specially Obama. Whatever he says is the "truth". Whatever anybody says is "fake news". What a clown. I can not believe that still many, many people believe his lies and, even worst, the GOP support him.

  17. He repeatedly uses the caveat “I don’t know if it’s true” (hint: it isn’t), but then immediately carries on as if the lies from far-right wing media sources that he’s repeating are true. Then he claims the MSM know who the whistleblower is but won’t reveal it — well, DUH, because that would violate the law (the whistleblower statute). Yet he keeps arguing that he should be allowed to break the law, and encourages everyone else to do it. In this two minute clip we see all the reasons he’s unfit to hold any office, let alone the presidency.

  18. How can the GOP honestly support this fool. He's an absolute corrupt crook and now that's becoming the face of the Republican party. McConnell and his cohorts have no shame.

  19. The Orange Criminal says anyone who say's he has done anything wrong is just making it up because he is PERFECT! His actions and behavior is PERFECT! His orange face and fish lips are PERFECT! And like that Werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's, his hair is PERFECT! Aaoooooooo Orange Criminal in the White House. Aaoooooo!

  20. Put your money where your mouth is and go under Oath and answer under penalty of perjury , if you can comprehend what an Oath is !!

  21. Dropping Rump reminds me of when my grandson tells me what his sister done. And by the way, my grandson is six years old.

  22. If the offer from the whistle blower was accepted by the Republicans::
    Republicans writes: " Whats your name, Where you AT! "
    Whistle blower writes: " KissMiA$$ and BlowME "

  23. Let's see, the people I can almost not listen to or watch any longer without feeling sick — Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Gaetz, McConnell, Barr, Jim Jordan, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Kellyanne Conway … oops, gotta go, it's time to vomit.

  24. @Benjamin Levine
    your paranoia should be treated. root out and punish people you don't like- this was the vocabulary and modus operandi of both nazis and stalinists. congratulation for this totalitarian mindset.

  25. Why is the Liar in Chief being given so much free publicity. He should be ignored. The oxygen of free publicity for these outrageous lies is playing right into his hands . Its giving them life and massive circulation. Trump's "I dont know if it's TRUE, but I'm saying it anyway " proves why they don't deserve circulation.
    If the mainstream television studios refused to publish these lies, it would be so beneficial to American society. But it's cheap entertainment/airtime for the T.V. fat cats,so they will continue broadcasting these lying rants.
    Shame on them.

  26. No Wonder tRump Followers are so faithful to him. Even after All the evidence written on black and white, and recorded videos, like Mulvaney admitting to it on live TV in front of world journalist. STILL tRump denies it. Over and over. Wow truly they deserve each other.👹☠️👿

  27. Trump, as President, is required under our US Constitution to protect WhistleBlowers. Instead, he has indirectly put this persons life into jeopardy. That alone is grounds for impeachment. Trump literally is a walking violation.

  28. False report but so many came before the house and told the truth. How does he not get that the meaning of a whistleblower is not to be identified. If he found out who it was he would probably shoot him on 5th Avenue and think that he could not be prosecuted.

  29. @exquisite ewa krywalski
    the correct way to spell putins name is not "pooptin", but the french way: "putain." (google it!)

  30. It's almost like he forgots they have additional evidence against him every time he verbally defends not doing something wrong. Then again he does tend to use his verbal spewing for his base that refuses to fact check or use cognitive thought when it comes to what's going on.

  31. Absolutely astonishing that he will not understand that a whistleblower is anonymous. Isnt this witness intimidation?

  32. he's always telling everybody to read the transcript maybe in hopes someone reads it back to him… cause he can not read?

  33. you are full of Sh%$%## Trump !! shut up ! and resign now before all the truth of all the crooked things you and your mafia has done comes out !! LOL

  34. One minute he hates the media and then depends on them. Lol Many people have come forward and stayed the same as the whistleblower. Trump a liar!

  35. TODAY!! RUSSIA ADMITS TRUMP AND RAND PAUL ASK THEM TO DESTROY THE FEDERALLY PROTECTED U.S.WHISTLEBLOWER! https://www.thedailybeast.com/thanks-to-trump-booster-rand-paul-russian-media-are-naming-the-alleged-ukraine-whistleblower Trump and Paul are Putin's most useful fools.
    This Russian owned Trump stooge must be impeached NOW! SAVE AMERICA FROM TRUMP AND RUSSIA!

  36. This is the exact reason why he wanted to know the identity of The whistleblower. For he can do exactly what he's doing now try to discredit The Whistleblower. And point the finger at the whistleblower in hopes we will follow the shiny object. That BS is not going to work!

  37. There is no testimony that supports the whistle blower's claim. Everything that has been said is nothing but opinions and personal narratives. Much of it could and probably is) made up. We have the transcript of the call. MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the fake news media are doing what they did with the Russian Collusion Hoax – you're just making it up as you go along. We all know that this is just a hit piece on the president to bloody him up as much as possible before the election. There is not one thing about this whole mess that has any ring of truth to it. I pray to God that you don't accomplish your objective. You all should hang for treason.

  38. Let's not forget what he said about " second amenders taking care of Hillary" . Public service? Nooo. Criminal…? Yes.

  39. Unlike Trump, most people can hate someone and still tell the truth about them. Trump thinks that you can’t hate him and be honest about him, which just reflects how he thinks.

  40. No. The whistleblower got it right and you got it wrong. It's over Trump. Done listening to Trump. Impeachment 1st . Then Americans will show you the door in 2020.

  41. This man is living in a fantasy world!! Even when the evidence is right in his face!! Such a LIAR!! Why not do the nation a service and RESIGN!!

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