What does Felicity Huffman’s sentence mean for Lori Loughlin?

100 thoughts on “What does Felicity Huffman’s sentence mean for Lori Loughlin?

  1. The black guy LIED about the black women enrolling her child in the wrong school did NOT get the sentence for that but for prostitution and drugs so he needs to tell the truth–HE KNOWS HE IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH AND SHOULD BE CALLED OUT FOR IT.

  2. How come Fox is now afraid to permit viewer comments on some videos? The average Fox News journalist is less educated than many of its viewers.

  3. Two weeks!! In the mean time a woman in Connecticut was sentenced to 5 years in prison for using her friend's address to enroll her child in school. The poor woman was homeless.

  4. She does not belong in jail, a larger fine and more community service would be adequate. This is overblown to begin with. The people who took tax deductions for charitable contributions is another issue all together.

  5. It's called "not having a previous criminal record privilege". Both people the racist mentioned had criminal records. A criminal history weighs heavily against anyone going before a judge.

  6. There should be a nationwide group of vigilantes who pick up where our failed Justice system leaves off. Like Jesse Smollett.. he should be grabbed up, taken to an undisclosed location and held for what should have been his time in jail.

  7. Sickening Vultures…. Most people should.shut up and mind your own business! She was the first to plead guilty. She wasn't out signing autographs! Leave her be!

  8. It means she's white and rich in America, lucky her. At least she is contrite, that that's some consultation for the privilege for being white and rich.

  9. Wait a minute – a woman went to prison for enrolling her child in the wrong school district? 5 years? What is wrong with our justice system! I’d say….a lot.

  10. Actually the question that remains is how much in payoffs will the judge make with the other defendants to buy themselves a sweetheart deal in sentencing!

  11. What about Obama, Michelle and their kids’ Black Privilege? Did Obama earn his way into Columbia then Harvard Law? Heck no.

  12. Why are we only hearing about these two women when MANY rich people do it? EVEN BLACK PEOPLE! I wonder if the so called "news" has an agenda? 😏

  13. White privilege? Seriously? This has nothing to do with skin color. This is about the privileges wealthy people can create. Not white people. Why do people try and make everything about race for heavens sake?? 🤦🏼

  14. The illegal who murdered Kate Steinle is already out. Illegal with an alias in Washington for narcotics and returned 5 x after deportation, shoots and kills a girl and gets off cause he didn't know it was a loaded and cocked gun? More like the towel was used to wipe down prints. Well, he's back on Calif streets. Glad this woman is locked up. right…

  15. I wonder why He didn't mention that Tanya was NOT sentenced to 5 years in prison for sending her child to the wrong school but she was busted attempting to sell drugs and prostitution to undercover police multiple times? Those were the reason for her charges and, she only did 10 days!!! Hummmmm? I just found that out. So not the same type of case.

  16. Since the president and his family skipped jail time by being blocked from being part of a charitable foundations forever, that’s money privilege.

  17. If I had done that, I'd get 5 years minimum. in spite of never being arrested in my life. This pisses me off. She needs to pay tuition for the kid her dumb non-achieving spoiled brat took the spot from! AND actually go to prison!

  18. So someone actually went to prison for 5 years for enrolling their child in the wrong school district? Seriously? And people wonder why we don't trust the government? That is whack.

  19. Let’s hope and I think she has learned a lesson. Being privileged ought to include responsibility rather than selfishness

  20. Part of their sentences should be full ride scholarship funds for a DESERVING student at each of the schools their child attended.

  21. Who gets 2 weeks in a Federal Prison this is not fair! If it was me they would throw me in for life. Awesome how the rich & famous get away with a slap on her hand.
    So excited to see what happens to Lori gets she pleaded not guilty. I believe no one should be above the law. This is the pettiest restitution for a crime I’m appalled! Time for this is a 7-10 yr. sentence for us nobody’s.

  22. She has spent far too much time in make-believe Hollyweird, acting and 'playing roles', instead of being a down-to-earth woman and living in the real world. Maybe some time in the clink will help her come to her senses. Lori Laughlin needs the same wake-up call I reckon.

  23. The attorney robert has a lot of truth. Loughlin deserves to go to jail for at least 5 years and walk in the shoes of the poor and the descriminated.

  24. The case of the people who deceived the public and put the public in harm's way of their own accord is much more different that the case of Ms.Felicity Huffman and Ms.Lori Loughlin. I do believe that any loving parent would do the same to care and protect their children any way they can. And as for the LAW and the Punishment , I hope there always is and always will be The Conscience of Justice to the open- minded of the Justice system.

  25. What a bunch of 💩 think they're so entitled .a slap on the wrist, this was just for show, probably won't even stay in jail, in the front door out the back.

  26. Lori plead not guilty? She didn't know it was illegal to lie about a fake charity donation and receive a tax deduction of it to boot?

  27. It means white celebrity privilege exist. A regular person would go for life….it shows how paying the right people off works! 2 rich white women is why they won't really be held accountable

  28. I could care less if they both spent several years in jail. However, I want them to go after the alumni who donate a building or a library to get their child in school. Just another kind of bribery.

  29. Prosecutors were supporting the defence by asking for a tiny sentence. Justice? Was Judge and prosecutors Jewish like this guest supporting low sentence?

  30. So she probably gets to stay in a nicer " posh " prison during her sentence. Nice, that is really teaching everyone a lesson and getting the point across. Geesh. This is about fame and money status.

  31. maybe if their daughters were not spoiled brats and stupid they could earn it like everyone else in the world

  32. lmao 40 years , waste of time scandals talk about something else idiot news, we be lucky if she does 15 days in jail

  33. Her reputation isn't damaged forever more. Robert Downey Jr went to prison… Winona Ryder went to prison…Kim Kardashian went to prison… Lindsay Lohan went to prison… people hardly remember.

  34. To be fair…other kids accept scholarships to get into college. If a person has enough money to buy a place in a course…who cares!!! International students do it at our universities all the time. It's not worthy of Jail. JESUS. Americans are stupid

  35. Huffman, Hunter Biden, Lance Armstrong, Donald Trump, Kobe Briant, Bill Clinton. Arnold S, Martha S……..and the list goes on and on….all CORRUPTED people accepted for the system and the JUSTICE!!!!!


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