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Hey guys, what’s going on? My name is James Mason I just want to show you a day trade that I am currently in today ticker is JN c e and 1000 shares I got in that will have an average of eight dollars and thirty nine cents and currently Have a gain of 100 dollars so I Call this one out. I’m on Twitter. I just told people just to watch it. Don’t buy it and I just want to show my setup. I want to show What it is I’m looking at so, you know it broke through right here and I Biden this candlestick and basically, this had indicated off of my scanner and That’s what even made me look at this So I get him right here. This is how I trade my setup I’m a momentum trader. I don’t stay in these for too long and what I’m looking at is it already created a high here for today at $8 56 cents and so Basically that $8 56 cents is gonna act like a strong resistance Now at the same time if it breaks That resistance at $8 and 56 cents you will see You know just click run up I’m not sure what it will run up to. I mean, it could just run up just a few pennies but What it tends to do a lot is when it breaks a high for that day already it will have a quick run up and And then we’ll just like die off within just a few candlesticks if that So, you know it is getting pretty Stagnant addres here around the $8 and 50 cent range And I’m probably gonna sell here soon because if you look at And this is basically little – right here. It is stacked against me This thing is just waiting to drop on me and you see, you know, it dropped right there and Now I’ll give it another minute or so, you know, the MACD is starting to look crappy And so I was probably going down tramp so really this play It’s probably over so I just want to give you guys, you know quick look, you know as it as You know what? I’m what I’m looking at, you know, that’s that’s one from sales I just want you to see what I am looking at here so You know this play right here there was no volume behind it this is why it’s acting crappy like this volumes a little bit slow for me today and You know, I mean this was the play I wanted and Not sell this off cuz I have to sell it probably in two orders just to get filled I’ll probably take between 80 and Hundred dollars unless if it just does something Right here and takes off running. So I’ll play this out for a little bit more If this basically dips down to $8 46 cents I’m out So That’s what I look for. I hope this video can help you out and if you haven’t yet, please subscribe, you know, please uh, give me a thumbs up and and You know, please share my stuff I would Greatly appreciate it. I have a free stock trading course. It’s eight hours long, you know if you’re taking the course you need to Follow those videos in order. I’ll put those videos in order because they all build off of each other and There’s key points in them that lead into the next video. So skipping them Doesn’t do you any justice at all so So anyways, oh, you know, I’m basically just trying to help people out you Know to learn how the trade to actually making good traders and there’s a lot of people who are being successful so far in it So, you know, please please share this stuff for me if it’s something you know that you get behind and support, but I appreciate you taking time watch this video and I’ll see you in the next one

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