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Who is this?
This is my self portrait
that I did this when I was
eight years old with acrylics.
Eight was a big year for you.
Oh my goodness.
I don’t know what nine’s going
to bring, but this is huge.
So this is a
self-portrait of you?
OPRAH: This is how
you see yourself?
What did you do, take a picture?
Or did you– how
do you do yourself?
AKIANE: Well, I just take a
mirror and I look at myself.
And if I don’t find the right
color, I just dab it on my nose
and see if it’s the right color.
OPRAH: Oh, yeah.
I do that too.
You’re obviously gifted, right?
Where does this come from?
It comes from God.
It comes from God.
OPRAH: Thank you so much.
You know it.
When Akiane appeared
on our stage,
she’d already created over
40 pieces, some selling
for as much as $25,000.
And so, we recently Skyped
with her– she’s now 21–
to see what she’s creating now.

AKIANE: Right after
the Oprah Winfrey Show,
I was complete– my whole
world completely changed.
There was phone calls
coming left and right.
And it’s very interesting to
be thrusted into the spotlight
at such a young age.
When I first realized I
was interested in painting,
I was about four years old.
At that age, I began
expressing my dreams,
my visions, and my
inspiration through whatever I
found on hand.
I did notice, over the
years, since I’m maturing,
the techniques have become
more detailed and more vivid.
I can paint soulscapes, which
is my artistic interpretation
of the soul’s journey.
Being an artist did
actually give us
the financial starts to
provide for my whole family
and for others.
Since the Oprah Winfrey
Show, my paintings
have been selling for hundreds
of thousands of dollars apiece.

While I was living in
Lithuania, I had the opportunity
to help the educational
government to change
the laws there to have
more creative education
and to be able to give ideas
and to give suggestions.
Actually currently, I’m funding
my own art and science academy.
What I know for sure in life
is that I truly, truly believe,
after travelling and
experiencing a lot of culture
and meeting a lot of people,
that the arts has the ability–
a rare ability– to unite and
inspire every single one of us.

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