Will a Trump representative attend this week’s impeachment hearings?

100 thoughts on “Will a Trump representative attend this week’s impeachment hearings?

  1. Trump has proven he's a professional coward who believes he's above the law so… No surprise he won't participate in this very CONSTITUTIONAL impeachment inquiry!
    He simply can't face justice and the truth. It's pathetic.

  2. There aren’t that many times to be brilliant with a single bold stroke of genius. The White House will miss its chance — and contrary to Trump’s own instincts. Sure, going to the lion’s den is risky — which is precisely why it’s powerful — if only for effect. And effect is the only card to play right now.

  3. EDD HENRY why keep asking the White House representative the same guestion over and over ,do you not respect your guest answer . Is there no concideration, or is it all about the glory of getting the story at all cost.

  4. "The truth is on the presidents side"

    Seriously i'm scared of this world with people like this existing, How in the hell is the truth, which is that he did what he did, no one's denying it just deflecting it or playing stupid, on his side?

    The truth is that HE ordered the military aid to be withheld, The Truth is that he wanted a investigation for a white house meeting, The Truth is that NO ONE can explain why it was withheld except for Mick Mulvaney who clearly stated what happened in 2016 was definitely a factor, The Truth is that Sondland was told by Trump to work with Rudy and what did Rudy want to work on? Biden.

  5. The President does not need to show up to this circus, Let it go to the Senate and then the Democrats will run like the Devil being chased by Holy Water. This President my president and the same President voted for by the people and will win in 2020 if anything happens to our President you will see a civil war like nothing this generation has ever seen before starting with chaseing the Democrats running for their lives so be careful Democrats be very careful

  6. Of course not because trump is guilty and they have ZERO legal argument. All they have at this point is obstruction and gaslighting.

  7. As CNN reports this is a bombshell Trump bad Bidens are great and Hilary will be back total crap . It's like the classic brown note makes you want to hit the restroom every time you hear there smear .

  8. Add it to his prison sentence! Trump can govern Manafort, Stone, Cohen and Rudy Gulliani from jail! To quote the president and Mr.Bolton at the same time… “As he ran down to the underground bunker abu Baker gullani used his (hand grenade) and blew him self up (like a dog!)

  9. Love those floating circles and dotted lines in the background. Why don't you just have a blank background? What is it you are trying to communicate to your pals with all that crap?


  11. Trump's people don't wanna show up, because they won't be on the SAME accord with their LIES. They need to have their lies matching up.

  12. They're hurrying this through before the IG report comes out next week. Have to get this to the Senate before Durham issues the subpoenas for half of the Democrat Congressional representatives to testify in front of a grand jury

  13. This guy won't have a job soon , maybe a month after the trial , and his boss in impeached. Not one thing this idiot said is true

  14. You know, @Fox News, what the journalistically ethical thing to do is?

    It’s for news organizations to keep their YouTube comments CLOSED! At least until better moderation tools are available.

    Analytics tools routinely show, news channel traffic today is largely suspect activity from red-flagged accounts. Nobody needs that sour nonsense. It’s not journalism, it’s not newsworthy, and you shouldn’t let the sheer volume of it drown out your reporting.

    If someone is telling you comments drive news channel engagement, they are wrong. Viewbots talking to botnets talking to synthetic puppet accounts is not real engagement, nor is a few low-information voters parroting the propaganda accounts. Maybe listen to your human audience, who grow increasingly tired of this bad situation. And ad-buyers routinely demand bill reductions based on suspect traffic percentages, so the current comment situation makes no financial sense either.

    All open unmoderated comments do is hand over your popular platform and the audience you’ve cultivated to any well-organized propaganda campaign for free. You wouldn’t give free airtime to North Korea State Broadcasting or to a domestic competitor over cable or the airwaves, so it makes zero sense that you’re doing so online.

    Do the right thing like other news channels and keep these comments closed. Or come up with moderation strategies, like those of news outlets who keep inappropriate activity from reaching publication in the first place.

    But as long as your comments are overrun by ads for sketchy online pills (or sunglasses, or cryptocurrency), and by off-topic conspiracy nonsense, by fake news, by adolescents (or socially challenged adults) spewing obscenity for the sake of obscenity, by bullying and by targeted harassment directed at protected categories, by trolls, spam, and foreign propaganda… it’s better to keep the comments closed.

    If bad actors wants a lectern to speak from, the whole Internet is free: let them build their own platform somewhere else for their fans to flock to. You, however, are under no obligation to succumb to these concerted efforts to drown out journalism.

  15. Ed must have a large mirror to practice his interviewer poses. Continuously interrupting to get his next word out, then posing for the camera 🎥 is hard to listen to and watch 👎.

    I hope 🤞 he gets his old job back soon… Otherwise, this show will tank for sure. What is going on at FNC???

  16. There is a reason Fox isn’t replacing moderate journalists with Trump cult-members. They study trends and they know long-term it will be bad business.

  17. When you have a president like Trump that talks how he talks and lies on every corner front of course he will face impeachment. Its black and white he has no idea what he is doing as a president and he has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT HIMSELF.. HIS RECORD SHOWS IT THE BLIND ARE IGNORANT TO THE FACT OR THE BLIND KNOWS AND PLAYS ALONG UNTIL THEIR BENEFITS EXPIRE.. WE NEED A REAL PRESIDENT!!

  18. Trump supporters: "The whistleblower only had second hand evidence." Then people with first hand testimony came forward. Trump supporters: "This process is corrupt. Everything is happening behind closed doors." Damning evidence given in open hearings. Trump supporters: "We haven't been able to have our own lawyers there." Trump given the opportunity to have lawyers at Impeachment hearings, but now they don't want to. All Republicans have done throughout this entire process is obfuscate and move the goal posts. Trump is guilty. He's a criminal, always has been a criminal, always will be a criminal. Can't wait to see him dragged out of the White House and thrown in prison.

    Oh yeah Faux News sucks.

  19. What has happened to us whereby someone can say lies are truth, up is down and wrong is now right!?
    The President told Zelenski he want dirt on Biden – truth
    The President withheld aid until he got this dirt from Zelienski – truth
    The President got caught, so he abandoned his scheme – truth
    Tthe President sold out his country and his oath of office to help himself.

    This is not about Dems or Reps, the Right or the Left, it's about America, and whether it survives.
    Unless your Fox commentator – then it's about sucking up to the ignorant and the hateful for money.
    Or a Republican in Congress who are blinded by their own naked, short-sighted, self-interest.

  20. Berlin 1936, Olympics, months later Millions of their children would go to the Statistics of history as victims of a power war of a few like Trump

  21. Whats your problem,Ed? You're damned inconsistent, one day a Patriot,the next parroting Dem talking points… Do you have any actual principles?Why such a flip flopping little weasel in the course of one segment?

    The Republican voters recognize two faced talking heads for what they are.
    Just watch Eds ratings tank. Loyal Americans who support our nation and our President are not tolerant of traitors.
    !🤠! We don't forget,We don't forgive.

  22. The deletion of section 2 by section 45(1) of Act 22 of 1992 was effective as of 30 November 1992.

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  23. If the president withheld aide to Ukraine because he felt they were corrupt, why then would he ask a corrupt nation to conduct an investigation for him? MAGA people are DUUUUUUUUUMB.

  24. No. A trump representative wont be there. Hes already been fired. The white house needs a spinning revolving door. Putin-trump 2020. 😘

  25. Trump is a criminal and a dumbazz.
    Nixon never went into the hearings, never testified, never thought he'd get impeached!
    The overburden of proof forced every American to see the truth about the criminal president!

  26. Cant defend themselves so now they are going to pretend nothings happening.
    "They wont let us defend ourselves its not a fair prosses." now is your chance and your not going to perticipate? Get out of office. republicans are a joke

  27. God bless our president Donald j TRUMP
    stop wasting American's taxpayers money shameful vote entire out Democrats

  28. Submitting to such Kangarooism, is no different than someone slapping you in the face, then asking you to say 'thank you it was my fault'. This goes way beyond impeachment. If the Dem/Socialists get away with diminishing the rule of law, against a sitting President; then the Average Citizen doesn't stand a chance. Vote them out of office! Take back the House! Keep the Senate! Reelect the President! ⭐ TRUMP 2020

  29. Jerry Nadler looks like he swallowed a Turkey 🦃!!!
    He used to look like he swallowed 4 Turkeys 🦃 🦃 🦃 🦃!!!!
    Gobble Gobble

  30. Any doubt that this president is a criminal is hereby gone. Wake up people, you are being lied to by this white house. It is hard to defence the undefenceable. Empeach.

  31. 1)if he doesnt show up "unfair process" defense will fall.
    2)Please which part of all of the 12 witnesses you don't understand when everysingle one of them said I believe there is a quid pro quo
    3)" fake media " in Us , solo what about the rest of the world? (I read in 4 languages , guess what are saying about Trump?.. it doesn't look good for potus)
    4) keep in mind every single Trump associate or appointee : are in prison , pleaded guilty , left the White House (fired or "volontarely lef") is that because all is working like a "fine tuned machine"?.
    5) Democrats won't find a direct proof saying "Trump did commit brabery".(which is what republicans are askin to find) however such thing doesnt exist , circumstancial evidence pointd out to that.
    6) you don't need to prove bribery , the simple act for asking or proposing is punishable… It's the same principle in almost every foreign law.
    Kind regards 🙂

  32. If Trump is not guilty as he, his supporters, and GOP politicians said, then it shouldn't be difficult for him to prove his innocence surely.

  33. Trump representative?
    Oh yeah, there are many representatives who used the facials of Trump and kept marrying and giving in marriages and eating and drinking and making merry.
    These all representatives are abomination against President Commander-in-Chief.

  34. Democrats would impeach an APPLE for failing to stay on the branch, they would write up articles of impeachment and question WHY and HOW it fell off the branch. LASTLY, they would attribute BRIBERY to it. When and how the apple got to the FARMERS market and was exchanged for money.

  35. Doesn't Ed Henry kind of look like a UKRAINIAN???
    He probably smells like Soup, and carries a gun.
    Ah ha!!! He's the link to the UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT!!!
    Nadler will probably call him as a witness!!!

  36. Yes Trump is the victim as always. No matter what messes he makes, he turns it around that he is the victim and the fictional deep state/ never trumpers are the evil enemy out to eat your children. So predictable and boring.

  37. It's amazing how shameless this guy is lying and mischaracterising. If future American generations relearn how thinking actually works, I wonder if the conservatives will ever recover from this shameful travesty

  38. Trump paid prostitutes and partied with Epstein. even the Prince resigned from the public. Trump should resign before it's too late, they got him. 100%

  39. Why did Trump say it wasn't Russia, when the FBI cia NSA and others including naval intell. Says it was Russia, and solely Russia, who attacked our elections, causing an illegitimate presidency. Trump is not president and this is proven by the fact that that election was 100% fraudulent and illegal.

  40. I’ll tell Hyou Hwhattt. God dang liberals are ruining MURICA!!

    Trump ain’t do no god dang digidy thang wrong. It’s the DEEPSTATE!!! The god dang lizard pedos who are TURNIN THE FROGS happy!!!

    🇷🇺 Trump 2020 🇷🇺

  41. Tony Sayegh, Chief White House Strategist, gave a clear rebuttal to Nadler's letter "requesting a presence" at Imp. Hearings on Tues. The Hearings in the Judicial Com. will be biased, also.

  42. Trump is the personification of perjury. Of course that bloated sack of lies won’t speak under oath.

    Also hilarious watching Fox go from “no quid pro quo” to “okay, yes, quid pro quo” there’s no defending this Russian asset of a President.

  43. trump stands accused of crimes so instead of turning up and defending himself like any real man would he hides and sticks his fingers in his ears like the baby he is what a disgrace shae we have to wait a year to drag him out of office

  44. First Don, the Orange Sphincter, and the Republican cult whine about being excluded from the inquiry; now given the opportunity to participate they shift and lies, and more lies. Sad what these fools are doing to this country. MAFA – Make American Fake Again!


  46. STOP: Republicans Trump is just mimicking you, it is the Republicans that don't want Trump to Testify, or his co-horts. They know he is guilty and wants to whine their way through. If he won't even send a lawyer you know he is hiding. OH, OPPPS, HIS LAWYER IS GUILTY TOO. Transparency, is to go into hiding.

  47. Republicans don't let them get away with this!!! Register to vote now, request the day off and offer rides!!! STOP ASSUMING HE WILL WIN!!! ENSURE IT!!!!

  48. americans arent really the protest harass annoy types the way democrats are and their criminal ford flopped excuses, but if the president wanted to apply a host of legal and acceptable avenues for this leftist spectacle to be 'respected' he could. i know his discretion has considered it in less offensive more professional fashion, but perhaps hes been too conservative. in any event these disgraceful dramas of clinton scam insecurity cant be called 'hearings' while still expecting to be taken seriously.

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