With Spider-Man Officially Out, What’s Next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!? (Nerdist News)

– Spider-Man is officially done with
the Marvel Cinematic Universe,
so where does the MCU go from here?
Get ready to pour one out, folks,
because it’s official, our
friendly neighborhood superhero
is donezo with the Marvel films.
During the recent Variety Entertainment
and Technology Summit, Sony Pictures CEO
Tony Vinciquerra broke the news
that for the moment the door is closed
in regards to Peter Parker returning
to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Well, it was fun while it lasted.
Of course, now the big
question on every fan’s mind
is where do the MCU and
Spider-Man go from here?
Last we saw of the old wall
crawler, spoilers ahead,
he had been teed up to
take over as the MCU’s
new pseudo Iron Man with the
Tony Stark Edith glasses,
and he unfortunately had his identity
revealed to the world by J. Jonah Jameson.
Plus there was the whole
skrull subplot with Nicky Fury.
Quite a few implications
for both the Marvel Universe
and Parker’s personal life.
On the Spider-Man side of the fence,
we won’t know how they plan to resolve
the whole my identity is revealed,
what will I do, until the
third movie comes out.
However, considering
that for the most part
the team behind the
latest Spider-Man films
appears to be mostly intact, minus Feige,
Sony should be okay creatively speaking,
or, as Sony’s CEO put it,
“The Marvel people are terrific people,
“we have great respect for them,
“but on the other hand we have some
“pretty terrific people of our own.
“Kevin didn’t do all the work.”
So, it is safe to assume
Sony will find a way to
resolve this storyline without
ruffling too many feathers.
And, as long as they don’t take a cue
from the comic storyline One More Day
where Peter literally
made a deal with the devil
to sacrifice his marriage to Mary Jane
in order to save Aunt May’s life
as well as erase the world’s memory
of his recently revealed identity,
as you do, they should be fine.
It’s also no secret how badly Sony
wants to have Spider-Man
and Venom face off
and then extensively team up.
They have made it pretty
clear that they want to
establish their own Spider universe
with characters like Venom, Morbius,
Black Cat, and the like,
and having complete
control over the web head
will allow them to do that.
Plus, according to Vinciquerra,
they already have five
or six Spider-Man centric
TV projects in the works that are rumored
to be spearheaded by
Into The Spider-Verse’s
Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
So in all honesty, it sounds
like Spider-Man’s future
should be okay.
But, what about Marvel?
We know that Feige and
company were setting up Parker
to be the next face of
the Avengers and Iron Man.
But, with that plan thrown
out the window, what now?
In all likelihood they
will just have to drop it.
While it no doubt stings to lose
such a popular and profitable character,
with the acquisition of 21st Century Fox
Marvel will have no problem
back filling that roll.
Despite the poor reception to both of
the latest Fantastic Four
and X-Men big screen outings,
Feige and Marvel have a chance to
reset the board with some of the most
popular comic book characters of all time,
similar to how they reset Spider-Man
after the Andrew Garfield offerings.
And this time they won’t have to worry
about renegotiating a
contract for the characters
every few years.
And with the robust library
of new heroes and villains
from Wolverine and Deadpool to Doctor Doom
and Mr. Fantastic, it should be no trouble
to find a set of new eyes to explore
the Marvel Cinematic
Universe that can also
take over the role of
the Avengers tech genius.
As for the whole skrull subplot
with Nick Fury in space.
While it was cool to
see how the bigger world
of the MCU tied into Spider-Man,
all of the talk of Kree
sleeper cells and skrulls
aren’t specifically tied to Spider-Man.
As interesting as it
was, that subplot could
just as easily have been dropped into
a Black Panther or a Captain Marvel film.
In terms of its payoff,
we wouldn’t be surprised
to see these more cosmic elements
come into play in either
the upcoming Eternals film,
or maybe even a little
further down the line
with phase five, where the
Fantastic Four have been
teased to make their first appearance.
Overall, while it sucks
that the door is closed
between Marvel and Sony over Spider-Man,
both companies will be fine.
Marvel has proven that
they have backup plans
for their backup plans,
and if Venom and Into The Spider-Verse are
any indication of the power behind
the Spider-Man franchise,
then Sony should be good to go as well.
At the end of the day,
it’s the fans who are
getting the raw end of the deal,
and it is too bad that both
sides couldn’t work it out.
But hey, let’s not forget that while
the door is closed at the moment
on Spider-Man returning to the MCU,
that could change.
Or, as our favorite Spider-Man producer
Amy Pascal would put it.
– There’s a chance.
– [Male] There’s always a chance.
– There’s always a chance.
– But what do you folks think?
Who could replace Spider-Man in the MCU?
Are you worried about Spider-Man
without Kevin Feige at the helm?
And, if you were to adapt
any Spider-Man comic
into a film, which
storyline would you pick?
We know it can never
happen, but we would love
to see Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut.
Let’s discuss.
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100 thoughts on “With Spider-Man Officially Out, What’s Next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!? (Nerdist News)

  1. Kevin Feige is a sociopath. Before Disney’s “offer” to Sony, he insisted he would not continue to work on Spider-Man projects, et-al, Sony’s initial press release. It’s clear that he insists on building up properties that haven’t been in the limelight, and Disney took this as an opportunity to try and shift the blame to Sony. Now, instead of a situation where Disney outright drops Spider-Man, it seems like some BS conflict is the cause, and no one is the wiser, retaining both Disney’s reputation and spurring Sony on to once again attempt to make a decent movie with the property they’ve owned for so many years now. Good luck with that.

  2. Is Spider Man being recasted? If so can Tom Holland do Cameos like his late Marvel Father? Or can they literally just revive Iron Man so he can live on in Marvel so Sony can't have him?

  3. It doesn't who's directing the new Spiderman movies, because it wouldn't be a Sony Spiderman movie without 5 main story lines, 10 subplots, 15 unnecessary fight sequences, & at least 1 soap-oppra love interest, all crammed into 2.5 hours of confusion.

  4. Ok let’s start a protest for Spider-Man in the MCU, If There is no Marvel studios on a Spidey Films, Then they won’t get our money #IfItsNotMarvelStudiosThenNoMoney, I’m sure someone can think for a better thing for it

  5. I loved spiderman cartoons back in the day. That's when Sony bought spiderman IP. Now marvel is much bigger than spiderman for me anybody could take iron man role in mcu. But my favorite candidate would be Dr. Strange.

  6. Nothing in the MCU will even make sense without spiderman. Is everyone going to suddenly develop amnesia and forget what happened over the past few years? No one will ever be able to even reference him, since it's Sony's property. It's pants on head retarded. For any of the story going forward to make sense, they need to retcon everything that came before.

  7. This is really shit, fair play to Sony for standing their ground. At least we'll get a Spidey/Venom crossover. Tom Hardy and Tom Holland together will be awesome! Doing the brits proud!

  8. As much as I like and as long as I have wanted to see Black Cat get screen time, some how hearing it may be done by someone other than Marvel fills me with doubt & fear. I keep getting Elektra flashbacks.

  9. Safe bet Spidey is going to "disappear" from the 616 universe for a while, a la The Fantastic Four – at least until Sony screws up the Spider-verse and comes (wall-)crawling back to the MCU

  10. I said it before and I will say it again. Make peace for just one more movie. Do a Spiderman 3 ala One More Day and make it the reason Spiderman gets erased from MCU. Justify it by making Aunt May/MJ gets hurt/killed, then Peter make it a deal with some powerful beings to erase all existance of Spiderman. And then let Peter suffer his cursed existance by rebooting it again in Venom 2.

    Sure, it would be dumb but hey, it is a proper and easy closure to this doomed relationship between two evil money-hungry companies. Instead we got this shitshow, sigh…

  11. Marvel should say f*** this we have a storyline going.
    Spider Man Ricochet: Identity Crisis

    Spider Man Hornet: Identity Crisis

    Spider Man Prodigy: Identity Crisis

    Spider Man Dusk: Identity Crisis

  12. F Sony!!!! they wait for Stan Lee to die and the MCU to show them how to make a billion dollar film to take their ball and go home (know this is an unfair one sided view but i'm kinda upset right now)

  13. I know Sony was being screed by the deal in this but I don't want a Spiderverse, or a Disnyverse I want a Marvel verse.

  14. ‘Who could be the new Avengers tech genius?’ Umm.. how about fucking Shuri?? I’d go one step further – Shuri is the next Iron Man.

  15. A Mobious boycott and Spidey numbers down to Garfield numbers should get Spider back, personally i had become attached to Zendaya Happy and May. That's what sucks for me.

  16. Just as stock market doesn't an economy make, Spider-man does not a Marvel Universe make. It doesn't. It simply does not. At all.

    MCU started without Spider-Man, Disney, and Marvel. (It started with Paramount)
    FXMCU started without Spider-Man, Disney, and Marvel.

    Sony owns the rights to 900 characters in the Marvel franchise. Spider-Man is one of 900. That's a lot of characters. Including Spider-Woman. At this point, I think Sony will do just fine. Maybe they can do well to not cast British actors as Americans but that's a whole different topic. (It's the pitch and British stiff upper lip. That's why brits sound horrible when doing American accents. Look at any British person talking. Their upper lip and doesn't move and their teeth jut out.)

    Ok so there is my $0.52 on the matter. I am not anti-British actors. I think they are great, as British actors. There are plenty of ways to make Peter British. He could be an American raised in Britain, parents died when he was 10, he comes back to the states and lives with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He could be like Gillian Anderson. She does the switch very well. So why not Peter? 

    Why force a fake accent? That's my #1 beef. It ruins so much once you notice the upper lip. You can't unsee that kind of sh!i.

    So when do we get to see Black Cat?

  17. Sony breaks our promises, but still, spider-man is still a marvel character. It should have to take a spider monkey instead. Or create their own version of the superhero. 🤬😡

  18. No, Nerdist. It’s not “all okay”. I’ll just be done with both franchises. End Game wrapped up the story perfectly. I’ll leave it at that as a fan. Watch the box office tumble. Will you guys still have jobs if you can’t speculate?

  19. The MCU could always replace Spider-Man With any other Marvel character that Marvel haven’t introduced in the MCU yet! Of course that means marvel still keeps the TV rights to Spiderman so Spiderman is not completely out of Disney. BMC you could always introduce Blue Marvel, The Sentry, Hercules, Jack of Hearts and Hyperion!

  20. Why don't tom Holland leave spiderman role when spiderman is going to sony . If Holland leaves sony would have no chance to reboot spiderman again which the won't do . As soon as diseny gets the rights of spidermans back . Tom holland should apply for the role again.
    No other reboot no other spiderman flop film by sony.
    Easy peasy

  21. Let's not overreact. Closed for now. Phase 4 of the MCU seems to be a short one. Let Spider-Man play with Venom for a few years and join back up in Phase 5.

  22. I say, MCU reshoots specific Spiderman scenes, and re-releases……."The Deadpool Cuts". Thats right, replace all MCU instances with Deadpool, introduce mutants, rerelease the spidey-cameo movies, act like the two Spidey movies no longer exist in MCU.

  23. Amy just needs a new gig. This doesn't work for her. I never liked her when Chobot went on vacation and I really kind of hate her now.

  24. Sony is like the kid who told the joke but nobody heard until Marvel said it louder n got all the credit so Sony is mad.

  25. For anyone interested, there is a petition for this: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/153/498/248/keep-tom-holland-as-spider-man/

  26. Disney/Marvel should just buy back the rights to spiderman and his rogues gallery for a decent $2-3 Billion, possibly less. I know its overboard but since Sony bought the rights to spiderman for $7 million back in 1999, it would not be a bad deal in the grand scheme of things to have the fans, myself included, happy with how spiderman is with the MCU. Otherwise, Sony, don't be an idiot and disappointing the fans. Peter parker from FFH set him up to be the next Iron Man. It was the best iteration of Spiderman we have had in the past 20 years with the character. Just continue negotiations and please, please keep the fans in mind when you make a new agreement!!!


  27. The thing I've started wondering is why Marvel would plan to have the head of their universe be the only character they don't actually have the rights to. I wonder if the whole E.D.I.T.H. thing was a red herring to distract us while the real chess peices moved into play. I am intrigued on how they're going to remedy this.

  28. But can’t Sony wait when Spiderman story is concluded like captain America and iron man in the MCU then they can take and make a spider man universe movie

  29. If Sony is bought and or merged with another company the Spiderman rights transfer to Marvel. Spiderman rights are non-transferable.

  30. SONY MCU, YEAH!!!.. I prefer SONY, since Disney was turning all the Marvel Characters into Black… DIsney = Black Washing Marvel Characters, and even the little Mermaid!.

  31. Disney turned Nick Fury, Mary Jane and Valkyrie into Blacks, and even the Little Mermaid!!.. no thank you!.. I prefer SONY, at least they will respect the characters. It's time for SONY to try it's hand at creating its own MCU.

  32. Theres no silver lining here. I lost interest in heroes for a while, even the Avengers and everything was sort of there. MCU Spiderman brought me back and now he's being ripped away for some potentially subpar films again. Having heroes I don't care about step in doesn't fix things.

  33. I dont see why they cant just agree to let spiderman be in mcu movies and let mcu characteters be in spidey movies without any percentages just letting eachother borrow characters

  34. Venom sucked and i'm very afraid of what's to come if Parker is truly back in the hands of Sony. I feel like Tom Holland is the one getting screwed over the most. He's had a great run as spider-man and now it will probably get messed up.

  35. People that say Spider-Man will be fine without the MCU/Marvel employees’ influence just make me laugh.

    First off, if the Spider-Man franchise was so good and “doing just fine” outside of the MCU, why was there a deal made in the first place? Bc Sony knew that was the only way to get Spider-Man’s respect back after they messed up the character.

    And for those that wanna say Venom and ITSV were good outside the MCU, your right. However your forgetting the fact that BOTH those movies had Kevin Fieges team helping Sony on the movies to make them the success stories they are today. Without the Marvel influence, both those movies would’ve been much worse, especially Venom, considering Sony’s track record with live action Spider-Man character movies

    In the end, Sony need Marvel more than Marvel need Spider-Man. Simply bc, Marvel have Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic 4 back in their roster and other projects that’ll no doubt be successful (majority of projects). However, since Sony got a big head bc of MARVEL INFLUENCE helping them succeed, Sony automatically brought down the value of Spider-Man in the eyes of the fans, and will be back to square 1 in no time

  36. This really sucks, i hate it how greedy disney is sometimes. If disney wouldn't go for 50%/50% we would still have spider-man, shy didn't they stay at 20%/70% AND i'm pretty sure that SPOLIER ALERT: spider-man far from home should continue cause at the end that guy download something

  37. i mean why does sony want all the money to themselves? like why cant they split the money, take the deal, and not lose their fans.

  38. Mcu ended with end game it was great I can’t wait to move on and focus on the monsterverse and leave these garbage super hero movies behind

  39. “both companies will be fine” I don’t CARE! I don’t care about the companies, they’re both multi billion dollar mega corporations, they don’t have any financial problems. this is an issue of greed, and I’m sick of it. the fans care about the stories and the fate of the heroes, and what Sony and Disney are doing is immature and prideful.

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