Would You Vote For President Swift?

We’ve had our fair share of celebrities say they want to run for office, but what if YOU could choose a celebrity to take the oval office! Which celebrity would you pick to be the president of the United States? We asked and you guys answered! What’s up? And Happy President’s Day everyone! It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and you may have off of school or work today, so thank you for joining us, we’re happy to have ya. In case you needed a quick history lesson, President’s Day honors George Washington’s Birthday and it’s celebrated on the third Monday of February to pay respect to the first President of the United States And because it’s President’s Day, we decided why not pose the question to you all, which celebrity would you want to be president of the United States? I mean, tons of celebs like Cardi B, Kanye West, The Rock, and more have all showed a strong interest in running for office one day. Cardi B wants to run for Congress while both The Rock and Kanye have said they would run for president. But regardless of who might actually want to run, we were curious to know who you all would want to run for president. We posted this question on our community youtube page and the responses came pouring in so thank you to everyone who voted! There were hundreds of comments sounding off with tons of really thoughtful answers. And before we dive into who y’all picked, I am going to acknowledge those of you who said “Celebrities shouldn’t be presidents.” We see you, but this is all just for fun! And most of the commenters took some major, well thought out stances with their responses. So let’s break them down. Starting with none other than Taylor Swift. There were hundreds of comments supporting Tay and some of you had some seriously strong cases for this one. One fan actually took the time to write out 13 reasons why Taylor would make a good president. And yes we see you Swiftie with that number 13. They wrote quote, “TAYLOR SWIFT. Why? 1. She is articulate and well spoken. 2. She supports the LGBTQ community. 3. She is a feminist. 4. She is neither too young nor too old. 5. She doesn’t give up easily. …” They also went on to say that she “12. She speaks up for what she believes in. and 13. Loves animals” So clearly, if Taylor ever needed a campaign manager, I think we found the person for you! Another fan wrote quote, “Taylor Swift. She is already getting political and wants to make sure the country is in good hands and she is very smart and kind” And another said quote, “Taylor swift because she would fight for women’s rights and equallity.❤”
Asset: screenshot But Taylor wasn’t the only celeb fans want to be president. Another resounding answer was RM AKA Kim Namjoon from BTS. And fans also gave very well thought out reasons why RM would make a great prez. One fan wrote quote, “Kim Namjoon. Known as RM from BTS. Has 148 IQ. Humble and Kind. He loves koalas. He loves BTS. he loves nature. #unicef ambassador” Another said quote, “Kim Namjoon – RM from BTS ~ His speeches are just so inspiring and motivational. Listen to his speech at UNICEF it’s amazing! His IQ is also really high and he’s supportive which is a gift a president should have ( in my opinion)

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