100 thoughts on “Yang: Our message is reaching the American people beyond the debates

  1. this lady literally listened to him explain the dividend and then responded with her own assumption of how it works. lol.

  2. I'm honestly curious, where does the $3trillion per year come from to fund this ($250 billion per month)? Simply taxing the top 1000 companies doesn't raise $3trillion…


  4. Guys. I am halfway through Yang's book The War on Normal People. I recommend you read it. And/or watch the HBO special about the future of work. Or FRONTLINE Episode on AI.
    All very chilling. Yang is the only candidate who is adressing the future we are facing. I love Bernie, but he hasn't glimpsed this runaway trend in job decimation.

  5. MSNBC is a fake news company bc they’re liars and alter the story to fit they agenda. They’re as news as National Inquiry tabloid. MSNBC is taken money from the Russian and Chinese communist to undermine democracy.

  6. More progressive evangelicals support Yang – the platform is so good for families and small towns in the middle of the country. Churches will prosper under Yang; the dispossessed will have more resources. Upon Yang’s nomination Christian evangelical voters will no longer be unified in support of Trump. Therefore, Yang beats Trump.

  7. Yang is the first time I've ever donated to a candidate. We just can't let this opportunity pass us by. Yang has 100's of ideas that just make too much sense on his website that are non-partisan and can unite all of us. It's heartwarming seeing the Yang Gang from all walks of life rallying behind a common vision that humans should have value in this coming battle against the machines. Some of his biggest supporters are Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents.

  8. Are we supposed to wait until more people lose their homes after their jobs in mass? That would be like this country; a day late and a dollar short except its years late and behind and wait until thousands more are suffering. Look what was NOT done for the addiction issue.

  9. Fox News needs to overcome their logical fallacies: the proposal is to funnel revenues from tech companies into the hands of the people. it's not money from one set of people being moved to other people. shannon needs to go through a critical thinking class.

  10. People can really think UBI as a form of tax cut for anybody earning sizable wages.

    If your are getting 100k income with 70k after tax, UBI will boost your after tax to 82k.
    So that’s like a tax cut of 30%=>18%
    It’s not that outrageous.

  11. Hey Andrew: Please extend Freedom Dividend to children under 18 (would go to parents/ guardians). Just need to decrease everyone’s monthly payments from $1,000 to $750. Would be more “universal” and equitable. Would affirm their citizenship and humanity. Let’s redo the MATH : )

  12. Does he talk about the swamp creatures? I think that is most important. America needs to be 110% free from the corrupt politicians.

  13. Omg this woman!!! EVERYONE WILL GET THE DIVIDEND!!!! That means if you are paying into it. YOU!!! Will receive it to!! So if someone isn’t working fine if you are working the better off you will be !! Geeze it isn’t that hard !!

  14. Saying that people would worry about how their money would be going to people not working is the most ridiculous claim possible. Since the Freedom Dividend would be going back to them as well. Most people won't be paying 1000$ a month in taxes, so since they're getting 1000$ back every month means that they're winning regardless. The people who do manage to pay 1000$ in taxes every month are well enough financially to not have to care, and they'll be getting that 1000 back anyway. The only losers are big company share holders, really, and even then, most of the people who own shares of these companies in a number low enough to be impacted won't be losing 12000$ a year because of the VAT.

  15. Can you convince me the oil dividend in Alaska is socialism?

    The freedom dividend is practically the same, just on a month to month basis

  16. Fox News support Andrew Yang! My Dad only watches Fox News and he is quite conservative but Yang is the one Democratic candidate he is genuinely interested in. Let's fix this country for good and for the long term!

  17. UBI will increase the economy more than double its cost. Trickle up Economy is more powerful than trickle down economy because of robots and automation. Get YANG ON FOX MORE OFTEN.

  18. Oh Shannon, the message is reaching the people and I am all in on Yang. Its time that the resources being mined are being capitalized on. If my personal data is worth more than oil, then I would like to get my cut of that.

  19. I'M A REPUBLICAN AND TRUMP'S TAX cuts didn't really do ANYTHING FOR ME… and I'm tired of seeing the rich get richer while I am working 2 jobs!

  20. I like Yang but I wish he wasn't swallowing the Russia Koolade – he seems to know nothing about foreign policy – he needs to get some antiwar knowledge from Tulsi

  21. I do think funding the freedom dividend will be tough….but I do think the automation caused unemployment issue needs to be addressed.

  22. Gosh this man needs to become the president. Everyone in the states needs Yang whether they realize it or not! What could the chances be for Yang being the winning Democrat do you think?

  23. Lots of Republicans like Yang, if they register Dem for the primaries and vote for Yang he will get the Dem nomination, and imagine the shock of the Dem establishment. since they are not polling Republicans (or independents or libertarians or people who normally don't vote)

  24. Comcast owns MSNBC. Yang has a solid net neutrality plan that could cause competition in the ISP market which Comcast doesn't want. Pete and Warren's plan is to give 80 billion dollars to Comcast in the guise of "rural broadband expansion" which is why MSNBC promotes them and tries to silence Yang.

  25. Once People know about Andrew Yang and just spend 30 minutes, after digesting the information, most of them agree with his new way forward policies. The more people know about Andrew Yang, the greater chance for him to be elected as 46th USA president.

  26. Andrew yang, a family man with good ideas to make this country be a better place for the average tax paying citizen. All of us human beings.

  27. It's amazing that people don't see it coming. AI is ready to jump out of the lab. Nobody likes to say it but even GP doctors will go. AI can spot diseases from your blood test and recommend a course of action based on your DNA far better than doctors can. Only certain specialist doctors and surgeons will escape AI.

  28. This is utter nonsense that someday freaking bots are gonna do the coding and IT STUFF, this is 100% nonsense trash to fool people who don't know much about technology and think that they know because they have flagship phone 🙂

  29. Andrew Yang is visionary, he understand technology is taking over the world and us humans need to evolve with it and not going back to the past, i never leave comments in YouTube but his vision need to be known, its what the greatest country in the world needs, forward to the future not going back to the past!

  30. It is not coming from tax payer dollars, It is coming from corporations and VAT tax, VAT tax affects rich people the most. I was just a cog in the wheel in my jobs. I had no sense of pride working for corporations like Boeing or dull mind numbing low paying jobs before i worked at Boeing. I do however have a sense of Pride since i retired for fostering dogs for local rescue. Boeing Engineer=embarrassment. Dog Foster=sense of pride.

  31. I agree with him on that! Nobody recognizes the hard work that goes in to stay at home mothers taking care of kids! It's hard work! And you dont get vacations and its 24/7..

  32. Mr. Yang, what goes on in Alaska is backed by something. What you want is backed by nothing.. kind of the fiat currencies which have failed 100% of the time in history. Good luck with your freedom dividend to everyone 18 and older. That amount is already almost as much as the federal government takes in every year and it is an insane policy. Outside of that I tend to like this guy though and keeping my options open.

  33. He understands business, he understand workers, he's pro a lot of good thing and he doesn't go to any crazy extremes. Seems to me he's the sensible choice for America. Not American myself, but I love to follow your politics! looking in from the outside it seems like a no brainer to choose this guy. I think he could bridge some of the divide in the US and be a great president.

  34. 1:53 Whatever? Whatever? Whatever? WHATEVER?

    I would like to write a quot from one of my favorite shows: House of cards.

    It goes like this.

    "Words matter very much, Ms. Bream. You should care more about them, given your profession".

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