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Lately YouTube has been under fire for
conspiracy mongering and sharing harmful content to a bunch of children in
today’s video we’re gonna look at the changes YouTube has made to their
guidelines and their strike policy and what you’re gonna want to know if you’re
thinking about starting a YouTube channel so that way yours doesn’t get
shut down or if you already have a channel you definitely don’t want it to
get shut down so stay tuned for today’s digital marketing news today update okay welcome back and thank you for
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everything that we do here at my channel so guys for the first time in almost a
decade YouTube is updating their strike system they used to have a strike system
in place but it just wasn’t doing the job to make sure that harmful content
isn’t posted on the platform and if you’re using YouTube to run your
business or to drive more views to your website or whatever it is that you’re
trying to do online you definitely don’t want to get shut down and as we all know
starting a YouTube channel is easily one of the best ways to get video content
out there so you’re definitely going to want to make sure you do well which by
the way if you want to see how to start a YouTube channel completely like step
by step make sure to stay tuned to the end of today’s video will show you
exactly how to do that but guys YouTube channels are created so that way people
can release content it’s not always just a business a lot of the time people are
starting YouTube channels and they’re using them just to talk about a passion
or a hobby or a skill set that they have which eventually ends up turning into a
brand and see that’s where the the lines start to get blurred because if you’re
out there you know publishing content that’s you know supposed to be free of
speech we’re not supposed to have to worry about any of that yet YouTube’s
pulling it down it’s because of the fact that you have to understand that YouTube
isn’t just an adult audience there are also tons of kids so they have to take
care of their children audience because if they do anything to affect that
audience negatively the adult audience that is using the platform will become
upset and thus deter them from using the platform altogether which means no more
viewers for YouTube and if you guys are running a personal brand no more viewers
definitely means that’s going to hurt what you’re trying to do and especially
me right so really when it comes down to it
we understand that personal brands need YouTube we have to follow these rules to
make sure that we all have a happy environment together which by the way if
you’re looking at starting a YouTube channel for your marketing agency or for
any other reason you need to actually set up a brand
account so that way you don’t get it you know any complications while posting
content you follow the rules completely you’ll want to set up a brand account so
make sure to check out this video up here in the top right hand corner so
really guys here’s how it works YouTube has a three-strike system okay
and really if you don’t follow the rules eventually it will lead to your account
being banned or discontinued or deleted the first strike is a one-week ban in
which you won’t be able to upload any new content for that week whether it’s
live streams or new videos or community posts whatever it is you’re not gonna be
able to upload anything in that first week alright and then that first strike
actually expires after 90 days okay so after 90 days you can actually get
another first strike again not saying you want to test that but that’s just
how it works if you get another penalty within that 90-day period that you have
with your first strike then you’re going to receive your second strike this means
that they’re actually going to cause a pause or they’re going to pause your
account for two weeks meaning you can’t load upload any new content for two
weeks now a third strike within that same 90-day period means that they’re
actually going to terminate your account guys so if you’re uploading bad content
and you keep getting these strikes you need to actually pay attention to it
because YouTube will remove your account really quick question have you guys ever
seen or heard of a channel receiving a strike on YouTube if you have leave it
in the comments below if you haven’t what do you think what it would take for
YouTube to give you a strike what do you think some of that content that negative
content is that people are getting strikes or leave that type of content
below in the comments now previously YouTube was using only email to
disseminate these communications about receiving a strike but now you’re also
going to receive desktop and mobile notifications when you get a strike on
your channel so there really isn’t going to be much confusion anymore as to
whether you’re actually getting a strike or not they’re going to be pretty
straightforward and tell you exactly what you received the strike for since
you stayed tuned to the end of today’s video what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
teach you how to start a YouTube channel step-by-step in 2018 or beyond if you’re
wanting to see that video or that training check out this link up here in
the top right hand corner but that’s it for today’s digital marketing news today
update and I will see you guys on the next video until then Cereal
Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be
your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll
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  1. I'm not sure if Youtube cares about the kids. Most of the videos that show spiderman spanking disney princesses and injecting babies dolls with needles are still up and have been brought up to youtube even from H3H3. I think they are just modifying their network to be the next cable company, hence their push for Youtube Red and Music and removing content that corporations don't like.

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