ZILLA—How To Register Your Event

So this is the main site and then you
can click on the event site click sign
up fill up your first name, last name,
email address, retype your email, then
your password and then agree to the
terms and click sign up we will send an
email confirmation just verify that
confirmation click confirm and then you
will need to log in through the
dashboard once you log in this is what
you’ll see from there you can click
list your event the first page is the
event overview so you can type in your
title if you have a video on YouTube you
can paste it there images for your event
go there fill out your information
regarding the location
typing your more detailed address there
dates and just a quick one-line
description here
and taking the long description this
should be about let’s see about this
long then click save the second most
important page is your ticket
information so you can if it’s a free
event just click free and you’ll see the
price will disappear but if it’s not so
you type in the type of ticket how many
tickets in the price of the ticket then
we describe the ticket here
and add it you can add another ticket to
make it free if you need you see the
pricing goes to zero after you describe
the ticket, press add and you can change
the order of the ticket if you need that
changes the order shown in the
app click update and then as you see
we’ve completed the ticket information
if you go back to the other sections of
the event info like your team members
you can add different team members and
select the role what permission they have
select speakers, adjust their photo
click save and then type in their name
their position or company you can
continually add new speakers, sponsors. it works exactly the same way, the name of
the sponsor and type of sponsor if you
have it. first add then press update
agenda if you don’t have it completed
yet that’s fine
start time, the topic for those times,
the description is optional like add and
then you’ll see you know it shows up
like this when the event is going on
attendees will be able to upvote you know
various topics in the agenda and that’s
basically it
click request for approval at the
top and then one of our ZILLA staff will
approve it then you’re good to go

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