ZILLA Update – February 1st

Hello everyone. This update is brought to you by Huobi. I’m in Singapore at the moment, at Huobi headquarter.
So they kindly allow me to record this video there. My room isn’t this nice.
So they let me do it here.
Let’s see, first and foremost I would like to say thank you to our two community managers who have left
on the 31st. We are still on great terms. They are wonderful people. Jian, who was in control of
the Chinese community, and Pascal. They worked with us for over a year now. They’ve done a fantastic job.
You know, through the highs and the lows. They’ve been great. They are still great friends.
And we look forward to meeting them in the near future at one of our events.
Let’s go over the airdrop first. The GD token airdrop is taking some time. It always does.
For those of you who have not yet received your token, you will. Regarding the stablecoin airdrop
we are waiting for the Android release where the Android wallet will accept those stablecoins.
We had a couple security updates to get out there. First, obviously that’s more important
so once all that is done then we will release the updated app. And then we will do the stablecoin airdrop
The release
It’s coming on Wednesday. It’s already been submitted to the App Store. We expect it will be approved very quickly.
This is a good release. It’s the first release. There are many updates coming very shortly afterwards
for iOS and Android. Please be gentle.
You know, we tried our best on it. We really hoped to get it out sooner but you know.
Late is better than never.
Yeah, I hope you guys will like it. So I’m in Singapore for a little while longer. So the next video update
You might see me in this exact same chair, not my normal one, but alright bottoms up
Thanks guys. Talk to you soon!

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